Ubisoft dev hyping up something Nintendo related, but says it's not from Ubisoft

If you've been following the rumors, this isn't the first time we've heard that something Nintendo-related is coming. Now we have someone higher up in the food chain claiming Nintendo has something on the way. Seems like this Ubisoft dev is in the know, but wants to stress that this isn't related to Ubisoft themselves.

Thanks to ContraNetwork for the heads up!

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What could it possibly be if Ubisoft already knows about it? It's gotta be OS or accessory related. Guess we'll find out Thursday.

Super Smash Bros for the Nintendo Switch featuring Rayman (with Rabbids assist trophy)

Tue Jan 16 18 06:51pm
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Because we're so easy to stir.

Aren't we already pre-stirred?

Yeah, but wasn't that speculation saying it'll be until March we get new info. I haven't been keeping if there are other mysterious announcements on the horizon.

Still, some people take their expectations to the extreme.

Stir around.....

You know what song I'm thinking about....

Pretty sure it's shaken, not stirred (most of the time). :P

Tue Jan 16 18 06:49pm
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He also tweeted this :


Pretty sure he is a not a Ubi employee and its just a troll.

Might make more sense, I'm struggling to think of a scenario where a Ubisoft employee is in the know and can freely advertise it on Twitter.

Anyone who uses that word as a actual insult, on the internet mind you, I don't care what people say among friends, likely shouldn't be listened to.

Wouldn't surprise me if it is real to just be a Mario + Rabbids trailer for DK

A rabbid trailer with a boss singing this song.


What can make Nintendo Fans and the internet explote at the same time?....Waluigi´s Dating Sim?

Tue Jan 16 18 07:20pm
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A few days from now, Nintendo will announce something really neat and we'll be like, "Man, I'm glad Ubisoft prepared us for this in advance with that vague and completely unhelpful tweet."

Well this is now interesting. I don't think it'd be something big if an Ubi employee of all things is saying it though, but it'll still be nice to see what's in store.
There's already people claiming it's Mother 3/Smash 5/TTYD 2 aren't there?

TTYD 2 wouldn't that just be the TTYD? Two Thousand Year Door!

I'm still holding true to my stance that it's nothing.

I mean "the internet will explode" is a pretty huge level of hype. What in the heck could it possibly be?

It would be cool if they were to bring on a new version of Miiverse, being Ubisoft was one of the first third-parties to support and integrate the service in their games.

Hmm....what could it be? Mario x Rayman crossover?

I think the game will be that House of the dead UE4 arcade game with a zap gun....

So, a random person saying random stuff is enough to get hyped? Yeah... not buying it.

Joycons with +Control Pads (Dpads are SO playstation)

I guess that was a tease of the Toy-Con. :O
And yeah, some parts of the internet exploded with rage that it's for kids.

Am I the only one confused how anyone could think what appears to be a virtual-reality suit is strictly for kids?

Thu Jan 18 18 12:09am
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Well... because it's not a VR suit? You still play the game on the TV. Also, the "backpack" should be sized for a kid, and would seem to be very hard/impossible to use by an adult (or even an older teen).
The "fun" of these will be for kids to make these, most probably with help from the parents, playing with these creations and learning how they work. This is 100% educational toys. This is like these tablets for babies to help them to learn their colors/shapes/numbers/letters or to read. They looks like iPads and other tablets, but they are made for kids.

The backpack could be modified to be usable by an adult, and it will certainly be by somes, but it's really targeting kids (and parents with them).
Also, they never said "strictly", they said: "For kids and kids at heart".

Oh, and everything I said above... Nothing is negative. I'm really happy it exist, and I would LOVE to play it with kids, but I don't have one, and my "nephew" is still way too young for that. Sad

PS: If that was more targeted at those raging it's for kids: Well, those are probably the sames that think that non-sexualised girls, lack of violence and presence of colors actually make a game for kids, or emasculate them. So I wouldn't give them too much attention. >_>

Well, when I said "virtual reality suit" I meant it more like 'you control it with your body' type thing. And I don't see how an adult couldn't use it, since the control sticks are connected to the backpack with string... plus, if they're including "kids at heart" it would be odd if only kids could use it.

And I know Nintendo never said strictly for kids... I was referring to all the raging folks who see it as only for kids. Also I wasn't directing anything at you... I was talking about the aforementioned raging people...

The strings have a set length, and the mechanism inside it have a set length of movement. Someone too tall will risk forcing the mechanism if he extend his arms too far, and there's some chance the straps for the feets just won't reach unless he squat. Again, that's something that can be modded, but it will be harder to mod the mechanisms so they accept a wider range of movements. Doable, but that's like buying a kiddy chair and using a saw to cut some parts so the father can use it. :P I'm pretty sure the concept will see a more "adult friendly" play-set in the future, but they'll try to sell it to kids first.

And yeah, I didn't think you were targeting me personally either, I was just somehow covering my tracks, it's so easy to misunderstand someone on the Internet, and others may see it and follow-up too. I know YOU are and understanding fellow, but others are not guaranteed.


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