Nintendo Labo leads to Nintendo stock bump, Twitter trend in Japan

So far so good with Nintendo's reveal of Nintendo Labo for Switch. The company's reveal has boosted stock by 2.36%, so it seems investors are quite happy. On top of that, the reveal of Nintendo Labo became Twitter's top trending subject over in Japan. Looks like Nintendo might have another hit on their hands!

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Thu Jan 18 18 04:21am
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Nintendo is about to make a lot of money off of cardboard and rubberbands, huh?

aurora unit
Thu Jan 18 18 05:51am
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There's also a piece of software involved. But just imagine what were to happen if they brought out Pokemon-themed variations...

Thu Jan 18 18 04:29am
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are investors insane? Who would buy 70 and 80 dollar BOXES?

"became Twitter's top trending subject over in Japan. "

I assume people write stuff like "still no cardboard vr". Trolling is not really trending...

Are those already confirmed finalized prices or merely the placeholder prices retailers slap on anything video-game related?

To be fair, most of the price is for the software, plus the "blueprints" will be available for free if you already have cardboard and software. And an 80 dollar collection of boxes is as fair as an 80 dollar collection of pieces of plastic. It's all about what boxes or what pieces of plastic you're paying for.

Thu Jan 18 18 06:14am
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"most of the price is for the software, "

because 1-2 switch was such a success. these games look like the mini games from game and wario and in no way can be valued at such prices. At best each software looks like a 10$ download.

NOW you are playing with paper! Who knew?

I wonder how much they will charge for repairs...if it gets wet

ok ok I am done Smile

I know this intentional trolling, but I can't tell if you are serious about the 1-2 switch comment. It was a success selling over 1 million units. And Nintendo will have a replacement program for the cardboard that will cost $20 (or free if you just get their patters and use your own supplies).

Thu Jan 18 18 02:40pm
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selling a million units when no other games besides zelda are available is hardly a difficult task. It has been on numerous worst games of 2017 lists and...it's just not fun to play. If this is what nintendo think of the future (more 1-2 switch games with a bunch of cupboard creations) then I am simply out.

this week M$ are having a sale (a proper one not like what nintendo are having) with 20Eu I can buy around 4-5 games (from the new n tasty bundle to typoman and oceanhorn) so guess where I will spend my money.

Thu Jan 18 18 03:15pm
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By that logic stuff like Bomberman would have sold a million units as well, since there wasn't much to play. Nintendo's marketing of the game resonated with the casual market which is why it did so well ( I agree the game sucks tho).

...We literally had a Direct last week showcasing games we will have for Q1 and Q2 of this year. We know stuff like Bayo 3, MP 4, Fire Emblem and Pokemon are coming in the future as well. How does any of this make it seem like Nintendo is just going to make a future thats just about Labo and casual experiences? You can choose to ignore that stuff...(I personally won't be buying Labo, but I know kids and some adults will like it). Nintendo has multiple dev teams, some can work on casual experiences while most of the others work on more core experiences.

I just listed the price for the repairs. You're not going to be buying Labo so ofc you won't be spending $20 on the repairs.... For those who enjoyed the kits, they will surely be paying the repairs if it gets damaged. Compared to other similar builder types like legos, other cardboard projects, etc $20 is a pretty cheap replacement. I agree Nintendo eshop sales suck the majority of the time. Wish they were as good as PSN or XBL =/

Fri Jan 19 18 06:07am
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bomberman is also on quite a few worst of 2017 lists but the difference of the "non game" 1-2 switch is that just like wii sports and nintendoland, it is built around the features of the system so that enticed more people into buying it. Then they realized there is not really a game there and either sold it or left it to gather dust. Would love to have a look at the average playtime of this game mind you (bomberman in contrast got a lot more because...it's bomberman)

and no i do not believe nintendolife's sensationalist "the future of gaming is cupboard" nonsense, but I recently borrowed DKCR 3D in order to play the extra levels in world 9 (and played the entire game from the beginning) and I was simply amazed at the 3D effect on that game, a game that was not really designed with 3D in mind. After the 2DS released (which ergonomically is MUCH better than the 3DS mind you) I never got to be amazed at the 3D effect of any game, sometimes wondering if I was still playing in 3D or not. With DKCR3D you ALWAYS know you watch it in 3D.

I do believe Nintendo are trying to diversify the switch market before sales drop (and they will drop since they do very little for their core audience after giving up on the wiiu) and the message they are giving here is the usual "we are different" and "we are not competing with other consoles" (even though they ALWAYS are) but selling overpriced paper so that the kids of the switch owners can move around with an expensive handheld (and drop it) I do not see the potential. Yes it will generate a lot of buzz and probably a few months of good sales (or maybe a bit longer if nintendo play the usual - we are understocked card) but the console needs to be A LOT cheaper before they can capitalize that market properly, otherwise, it will just be a novelty item for the rich kids (who are already playing GTA and COD)

So, are we pronouncing it labbo, laebo or laabo? I'm not a huge fan of the name, but man I want a cardboard keyboard to put next to my real one.

I don't actually know, but since Japanese don't typically end a word with a hard consonant I would guess it would be pronounced like 'Lab' with an 'Oh' sound at the end.

I pronounce Lab, like a Laboratory or a Labrador Retriever.

But when you think about what it is, saying it like Lab in Laboratory makes the most sense.

it was in top 3 worldwide trending all day since it was announced, thats kinda nuts.
Yeah, the gist I got was that its got a lot of potential, especially with groups that you wouldnt think. I know a lot of educators that would eat this up, and considering how bloat STEM has become in the States, this seems like an easy go-to for them.

Very likely to be big.

It's also #1 Best Seller in Amazon's video game section.
I still don't know if this will have a lasting impact or not, but it will be at the very least a minor success and I'm glad about that.

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