Kotobukiya releasing Mega Man and Roll figurines in Feb. 2018

Time for a little more Mega Man 30th anniversary love. These gorgeous Mega Man and Roll figurines are courtesy of Kotobukiya Toys. The pair is set to launch in Japan this February. Check out more pics here.

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These are a re-release of two figures they made in the past. I have them both and they are probably my favorite poseable Mega Man figures I've come across.

Their Megaman, Protoman, Roll, and Megaman Zero kits are amazing. Though, I think I like Bandai's D-Arts figures just a bit more.

You're right, the D-Arts figures are terrific. I have X and Zero and they're both pretty nice.

I've got the Megaman, Bass, X, Zero, and Vile (Vava) figures. I don't normally buy figures and stuff, but I love Megaman, and the D-Arts stuff is top-notch!

Launch? You mean relaunch, these originally came out years ago. I have both of them. I have them stood up under my Juri Han statue.

If they've changed significantly, I might pick up the new versions.

Further, these are model kits, not figurines--you assemble them yourself. That said, these are perhaps my favorite toy renditions of Megaman and co., and I hope that Protoman gets a rerelease as well--and maybe release a Bass while we're at it. Missed opportunity last time.

Kotobukiya never made a Bass (Forte) kit, unfortunately. However, Bandai did make a Bass figure in their D-Arts series, which included Treble (Gospel).


... But then, Bandai never made a figure of Protoman (Blues) or Roll. So either way, you couldn't get all the characters in a matching style (the Kotobukiya kits are noticeably bigger than the Bandai figures).

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