Valkyria Chronicles 4 - more character profiles, info on tanks, R&D facility, and the half-track armored personnel carriers

Miles Aabek

- voiced in Japanese by Hiroshi Okamoto (Andy Bogart in The King of Fighters XIV)
- pilot of Claude’s tank, the Hafen
- they have been together since the times of the academy
- Miles trusts the protagonist as the tank commander and as the highest ranking officer of the squad
- his hobby is taking pictures

Dan Bentley

- voiced by Hisao Egawa (Falco Lombardi in the Star Fox series, Cao Ren in the Dynasty Warriors series)
- he loves cars and has been a member of the Federal Army for a while
- after moving from unit to unit, he was assigned to Squad E
- he is in charge of the tank pilots and cars and mechanics of the unit
- he is a man of few words, but he can be a good friend

Ronald Albee

- voiced by Atsuki Tani (he is Master Chief in the Japanese dub of the Halo series)
- tank commander belonging to Minerva’s Squad F
- Ronald was impressed by Minerva's chivalrous spirit, and believes that she will climb to the top the Federal Army


- three types of ammo; armor-piercing shells, grenades, and machine guns
- tanks can also crush defenses simply by ramming them
- tanks can also destroy anti-personnel mines
- armor-piercing shells have a linear trajectory and are designed to penetrate other tanks
- grenades are designed to attack infantry and are shot in a parabolic trajectory
- grenades explode affecting a large area
- machine guns are effective against nearby infantry positioned in the blind spot of the grenade launcher
- machine guns can also intercept during the enemy turn
- tanks are very resilient and cannot be easily damaged by infantry besides lancers
- you can use tanks to shield your troops from incoming fire
- be careful not to expose the back of a tank to the enemy, because the ragnite radiator is a tank’s weak spot

R&D facility

- used to develop new equipment for your soldiers and new parts for your armored vehicles
- there are limits to what you can equip
- when you create new equipment for your soldiers, you update the equipment of all those who can wear it
- this will increase the power of the unit as a whole
- decorating your tank with different stickers has small effects on its performance
- you can change the camo color freely depending on the situation
- parts are fit in a block-based grid, and more powerful parts require more blocks

Half-track armored personnel carriers

- these can transport several soldiers quickly and protect them from intercepting fire
- if they’re destroyed, their occupants are temporarily withdrawn from combat
- their armor is thinner than that of a tank, so they can be damaged by machine gun fire

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Andy Bogart? Humphrey's cousin had a part in that game?

This game better do good SEGA for your sake.

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