NPD - When time-aligned with other platforms, Switch has sold more consoles than any other in history

Want more concrete proof of how insanely well the Switch is is doing? This could be one of the most impressive records it has set yet. NPD analyst Mat Piscatella shares the details.

“On a time-aligned basis through the first 10 months on the market, Nintendo Switch has sold more consoles than any other platform in history.”

If the Switch keeps up a decent pace, we could see a new game industry king. I still cannot believe Nintendo went from such lows with the Wii U to such highs with the Switch.

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crusher talos
Thu Jan 18 18 07:16pm
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I hope you are wrong too ahaha
For the sake of the gaming industry as a whole, lets hope Nintendo will always be a hardware creator. Who else is going to make something like Labo? Sure its not the next Smash or GTA but at least these experiments pushes gaming into exciting new areas for everyone.

Such high sales in such short time gives Nintendo a sense of pride and accomplishment.

They followed the Gamecube with the Wii and the Wii U with the Switch. (Commercial) Failure really does bring out the best in Nintendo.

So if the last console Metroid wasn't good, is there hope for Prime? I wonder what art direction it'll take.

I get the feeling Prime 4 will be to Metroid fans, what Twilight Princess was to Zelda fans that wanted a gritty experience post wind waker.

Nintendo is really trying hard to win over fans, and they know what Prime fans are looking for, especially after Other M (which I thought was ok) and Federation Force.

Thu Jan 18 18 07:02pm
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Even with positive news like this, people still think Nintendo is better off going third party.

As a lifelong and admittedly "hardcore" Nintendo fan, the company simply screams "third party" or "buyout" when compared to the other two major players Sony and Microsoft. Sony and Microsoft's gaming division could tank and they would still survive. Nintendo ONLY has gaming until they can diversify their business enough to have reliable income from non-gaming things (movies, theme parks) which, actually, root back to their gaming.

Nintendo will probably never get into the business of televisions, computers or other major sources of income similar to what Sony and Microsoft have, so those demands for Nintendo to go third party will probably never go away and I would honestly say that Nintendo going third party is inevitable and only a matter of time (as much as I hate to say that). But I hope I am wrong!

crusher talos
Thu Jan 18 18 07:16pm
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I hope you are wrong too ahaha
For the sake of the gaming industry as a whole, lets hope Nintendo will always be a hardware creator. Who else is going to make something like Labo? Sure its not the next Smash or GTA but at least these experiments pushes gaming into exciting new areas for everyone.

Well, with all the initiatives they have taken and planned for the future, I doubt that will happen. At least not in my lifetime. Had the Switch been another Wii U type of disaster, I'd be more concern but things are looking up for this company. Mobile gaming and licensing will be huge for them.

Still they couldn't launch off their health projects. I don't know if Labo counts as Quality of Life but I think it's the closest thing in that front.

For sure. The Vitality Sensor and sleeping thing was part of that but I feel like we could still see them down the line in some form. Maybe when tech gets better and they find suitable application for them.

Thu Jan 18 18 08:37pm
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Uh, think again - Look at Sony's Financial statements - really the only divisions making money are the Playstation division and the Film division. The majority of their other divisions are bleeding money. Now Microsoft, that is a different story.

Yeah, to be honest I haven't dug through each company's financial reports and I don't plan to, my observations are simply on a surface level. If any of the big 3 companies were to go 3rd party first, it would definitely be Nintendo. I know Nintendo is actively diversifying their portfolio and I hope they continue to do so in a big way so that they have many different streams of revenue which would take some of the pressure of each console cycle off of them.

Thu Jan 18 18 10:55pm
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Don't see how you came to this sort of conclusion... since out of the big three, Nintendo seems to be doing the best right now... best for a long time too actually. Sure, they've had some hard times; early 3DS struggles and the Wii U didn't do that good... but they've always had plenty of money to fall back on, have tons of merchandising stuff outside of games (toys, clothes, etc.) and now with the Switch they're doing better than ever in gaming.

Sony's been hemorrhaging cash for years, and continue to do so till this day. Their console gaming division is doing good now, but look at the PS3... it ate every dollar the Playstation name made! Not even the Wii U came close to that kind of disaster! Another one of those could kill it entirely. And their handheld division? At this point in time it looks dead... with how things look for them the whole company may be dead in the not too distant future... and the Playstation may go down with them.

And Microsoft? Looking at the Xbox now, I can't help but wonder why they even bother with it... it's never been a major source of profit, and now just about everything 'exclusive' to it can also be found on PCs. It seems so redundant at this point... like they're doing it just to say they have a console...

so those demands for Nintendo to go third party will probably never go away and I would honestly say that Nintendo going third party is inevitable and only a matter of time

This part probably makes the least amount of sense... why would Nintendo go third party to appease the demands of a few when they've always done so well as a first party? As long as gaming is a thing, and Nintendo keeps doing its thing, I doubt them becoming a third party will ever be an inevitable matter of time...

Yeah, I want to be clear that I do not in any way, shape or form wish or want Nintendo to go third party. Perhaps I am being a bit pessimistic, but what I meant was that Nintendo's eggs are almost exclusively in the "gaming" basket where as Sony and Microsoft at least have some sort of cushioning in that they have other sources of revenue which are not gaming (and I say this WITHOUT looking up their financials in those divisions because I'm not interested in going to that depth).

So, I think that of the big 3 companies, Nintendo has the most pressure to succeed in every console cycle. Innovation is hard and obviously Nintendo is not going to "win" every cycle. (not that they necessarily need to, but they need to moreso than M$ or Sony). As it looks on the surface (again, without digging into financial reports), Microsoft and Sony could afford to lose many more console cycles than Nintendo, so if any of these big 3 companies were to go 3rd party first, Nintendo would definitely be the company to do so.

Fri Jan 19 18 01:53am
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*sigh* ...well okay... if you say so... but I don't understand how you come to your conclusions since, from where I'm seeing things, Nintendo would be the last to go 3rd party...

I hope you are right Smile Long live Nintendo!

Well technically, Nintendo did go third party because they are making games on phones but that is actually more of a marketing reason rather if you ask me.

Honestly, considering that Nintendo is all about innovation, it is highly inevitable that they would ever make games on PC or other consoles. If at all games on PC happen, they will mostly have more issues due to piracy and the fact that they have to study how PC gaming works. All of which is something for them to consider long and hard.

Fri Jan 19 18 07:00am
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Dude, you couldn't be any more wrong. Sony and MS would drop out of gaming long before Nintendo goes 3rd party. Let's take an objective look at each of the big 3's position as it stands right now.

Sony: If PS4 hadn't been successful that may have very well been the case for Sony. They lost all the money they made on the first 2 Playstations with the PS3. Think about that, because those are two very successful consoles, the second still ranking as the best selling gaming device in history iirc and they lost it all.

Microsoft: Microsoft has never made any profit from the XBox brand. When you have Windows money that's to be expected but with the original Xbox being only a minimal success and the high failure rate of the 360 they may have actually lost money. The XBox One didn't perform up to expectations either.

Now we come to Nintendo. Sure they only make games, but their games are household names and instantly recognizable. Nintendo has a trend of being conservative. Even when their consoles don't light the world on fire in terms of sales, they recoup their costs in software sales. People like to pretend Nintendo is on its deathbed in the coma ward and all that's needed is to pull the plug and that's it. That's a fantasy fabricated by the gaming media.

The Wii was one of the most successful gaming machines of all time. They made crazy money on that thing. And that was alongside the original DS which was also a monster in moving hardware. The DS is the best selling handheld of all time and the 2nd best gaming device of all time behind PS2 iirc. So we're less than 10 years removed from Nintendo having their 2 biggest successes in company history, yet people are doomsaying more than ever. The 3DS is a consistent seller. Wii U was a failure in terms of hardware sales but was untouchable in terms of exclusive software sales. More than 5 exclusive games on Wii U have sold over 5 million units. PS4 and XBox One don't have that (or at least didn't at the end of Wii U's life cycle which is the last time I checked).

Now they rise from the ashes of the Wii U like a phoenix with the Switch. It's quickly become the fastest selling gaming device in history in less than a year on the market and people are still doomsaying? Nintendo is King. Even when they're down, they're never out. If the success of the Switch doesn't teach people to never count Nintendo out, nothing will.

And you do realise Nintendo has been around longer than Sony or Microsoft - 128 years.

They have diversified. They have survived. They will continue doing so.

Good point--Didn't really consider that.

At this point the people who keep saying that are usually console war loyalists who are for some reason ashamed about buying a Nintendo system, yet want to play their games.

Man..I need to get the Switch fast!

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