GoNintendo Video - RUMOR: Is Retro working on a non-gaming project?

We've all been wondering what Retro has been up to. According to a long-standing member of the gaming press, the company may be doing something decidedly non-gaming.


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Wouldn't that just be the worst.

Wouldn't that just be the worst.

Maybe they're getting into the cardboard business??

I thought it was obvious! They've been working on that Tropical Freeze port for 4 years. Tropical Freeze's initial announcement went over so well the first time, Retro thought they'd try to tip their hat again a 2nd time but this time with an easy mode and at full price!

Has it actually been confirmed that Retro did the port?
If not, I would assume that Monster Games made it, because they ported the original DKCR to 3DS.

Thu Jan 18 18 10:10pm
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According to Wiki they have a staff of 70.

I think they can handle this AND a larger game ;) Which they have probably been working for for quite some time now.

But it IS annoying not to know WTF they are doing. That silence is starting to get slly. The Feb Direct (if real) should reveal their stuff this tme!

If its true, that doesn't mean they aren't working on a game. The team is big enough to handle a secondary project.

They dont need programmers, graphic designers, animators etc to make this stuff! Not bying it. But that they helped out? Sure. why not?

Well they do need programmers and such for the interactive part of Labo (which still classifies as non gaming sort of). I don't think that this is all they have done. They have been silent for a long time, they have to have been making a big project by now.

Last rumour I read was it's a brand new IP. Kinda hope so.

get ready for more cardboard action

Thu Jan 18 18 11:48pm
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They're making Official Nintendo QoL Barbecues

Thu Jan 18 18 11:57pm
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They are making a Nintendo Labo Metroid Prime Trilogy.
Arm Cannon Labo. Giant cardboard Morph Ball Labo (the most fun!). Samus Visor Labo.

Makes sense, and they'll have them glow with little LED lights on things like the Arm Cannon and Visor. This will be aimed at the market Nintendo wants to grow even more, the "core".

Seriously though, Nintendo dominates in the younger aged market so well in gaming, so seeing them introduce Labo at the market they already dominate, is kind of interesting and odd?

It's clearly a new IP they're working on.

It’s not really. We don’t know.

I'm aware we know nothing either way, but I think taking two Nintendo IPs to great heights kinda deserves some creative freedom [if they so wished].

but labo looks so japanese, well at least it does remind me of those fancy educational toys to assemble sold there. (also the whole puppet things)
still obviously they could be one of the studio, but giant robo has to be made by nintendo japan otherwise how would miyamoto be so involved.
also .... how is labo non gaming ? labo robo can be seen as building your accessories to play the game...
but i get the meaning.
non gaming should be more health related product no ?

Fri Jan 19 18 12:03pm
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Maybe they're helping with Nintendo labo but I sure hope they are working on something else because Nintendo needs to bring big games in 2018. Now we know they are not going to go completely insane with unprecedented support since that's what they did for the first year, so it is understandable that they won't be bringing 2 sequels for two fan-favorite licences, a brand new game for both their biggest characters ever (two of the best games ever no less) and a brand new IP, plus some extra. That was first year. That was unprecedented and the best first year we've had for age for any consoles.

They can't do it again right now and that's okay, I mean people need to be realistic there. But I still hope they have big stuff up their sleeves. Third party are sort of there with SF 30th, Dark Souls, Wolfenstein 2, Valkyria Chronicles 4, Attack on Titans 2, Octopath Traveller, Travis Strikes Again, Shin Megami Tensei V, BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle... admitedly some of these are rather niche but they defnitely count for something (also where is DQXI ? That could certainly be a nice and pretty big surprise). We also get nice remakes for those who haven't played them which, you know, it makes sense given the growing difference between Wii U and Switch install base. Also indies are all over the place and that's awesome. So 2018 is definitely building up. Now first party wise, there is Pokemon RPG and Metroid Prime 4, that's a pretty big deal. Bayo 3 I think is stated for a 2018 release so that's pretty cool too. Labo will be their crazy trendy item and if they do it right, it could be big. But I have to admit for us hardcore fans one more BIG first party project would be ideal, Retro could be working on just what we need.

Tue Jan 23 18 09:53am
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Interactive Metroid or DK experience/ride for Nintendo Land at Universal Studios?

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