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I'm curious as to how this compares to the other versions.
I mean it doesn't look terrific but chances are the other versions won't either.

That honestly doesn't look bad at all, compared to the other versions.

Sun Jan 21 18 03:54am
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Okay I'm sorry to say that's not true at all. I thought something was off and I compared the two versions from gameplay trailers (well this one is the only one that we have for the Switch) and the comparison really hurts, it looks terrible. It's probably based on the Vita engine.

Framerate is fine in the other versions, blood effects are better, the game feels more organic, the textures are nothing like this and light effects and filters really go a long way to make you feel like this is not one of these glorified PS2 / early PS3 games. I mean the forest environment looks a bit bland, but that might just be the environment. If you look at 0:25 though it just looks like 2 generations ago. Chopped members look like crap, movement/speed and blood effects are minimal and check these guys moving at 3fps in the distance. Character movement during the short animation where they look at each other looks completely robotic too. The town footage looks fine though.

My point is Tecmo Koei needs to wake the f up. The Switch is not there to get portable games ports. I already did not buy FE Warriors because it pretty obviously was hold back by the cross platform aspect of it but this also is very clearly hold back and all of these flaws are very typical from portable games. So I'm pretty sure what's going on there. It looks cheap as hell and this is just sad because the Switch is fully capable of handling versions closer to the PS4 which already is just okay graphically.

I'll wait until I get proper footage, like gameplay sections that happen in the same kind of environment in both versions for example, but so far, it doesn't look good, we're clearly getting the Vita version, and I was going to but now there is no way I'll buy this day one.

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