Digital Foundry - Dragon Quest Builders : Switch vs PS4/PS4 Pro Graphics Comparison + Frame-Rate Test

Does Switch do enough to step up to the PS4 version? Visual settings are on the same level between the two, besides a drop to 720p on Switch - though 60fps is impressively maintained in docked play.


Fri Jan 19 18 08:31pm
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They draw the exact same conclusions I drew in my preview with the finished game. I've already completed it on switch as a matter of fact, and I can say, the frame rate drops a lot more when you've already played a lot and built a lot, with a lot of villagers moving around and tackling their daily tasks.

My conclusion on the visuals was as follows :

In this Nintendo Swicth incarnation, Dragon Quest Builders seems to compare very favourably to other already available versions. It has all of the same features and has a rather similar look to the PS4 version, with at first glance a comparable draw distance but, as expected, some sacrifices have been made, and it does seem to render at 720p both docked and undocked, targeting 60FPS on the bigger screen and 30FPS on the smaller screen, although as is often the case with games where the complexity of what is rendered can be modified at will by the player's inputs, that frame-rate does tend to drop a little bit in the most crowded scenes and more so in docked mode than in handheld mode. Other than a difference in frame-rate, then, it does appear to look exactly the same whether the console is docked or not. It does look rather good indeed.

Fri Jan 19 18 09:47pm
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The Switch version also fixed the pacing bug present on the PS4 version.
I'm surprised it's not mentioned in the video, then again DF haven't been rigorous on their
analyses recently.

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