Nintendo Labo also topping the charts on Amazon UK

While the UK might not be the biggest market for Switch right now, the platform definitely has its fans there. They're showing their passion for Switch by moving Nintendo Labo up to the top of the Amazon UK charts. At time of posting, Nintendo Labo's Variety Kit was the No. 1 best-selling item in all of gaming. Nintendo Labo's Robot Kit is in spot #4, and the accessory kit is right behind it at spot #5.

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Sat Jan 20 18 05:31am
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It gets me how sites can't also report how the Switch is selling way way above ps4 on Amazon UK since it launched....Switch is always between position 8 and 18 in the best sellers charts easily the best selling console on Amazon UK by far even the SNES MINI is outselling ps4 on Amazon UK,then you have Switch games dominating the charts as well,sites seem to want to keep people thinking Switch is killing it in sales everywhere except UK and this is false the Switch is selling just as good in the UK as it is in any region.

Just Google best sellers in video games Amazon UK and keep an eye on Switch it is dominating the UK ALSO,I have been watching Switch sales in UK since launch so I knew the LABO would hit No1 no surprise DUDE.

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