Portugal - Switch outsells total Wii U sales

I'm starting to sound like a broken record here! Portugal is the latest place to trumpet its Switch sales. The platform has already managed to outsell the Wii U's total sales in that region. The actual figure is 20k units, that's still quite an impressive feat for Portugal.

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Every little pacing at nearly every country shows, as a collective, how insane this success already is.

Their marketing, release strategy, games and overall image rework has done numbers for the company.

20,000 is nothing when you consider how much it has sold in other European countries and yes I've factored in that its population is around 10 million people.

Sat Jan 20 18 09:05am
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10M people country, but with half (between 1.2M/1.5M people) of the total work force (around 2.5M/3M people) earning 600€/month, so a Switch (300€) with no games is half the monthly wage for most people, Portuguese live a hard life, work more hours than in most European countries & have little money to spend with the sparse leisure time...

Also. The switch already had more games than the N64.

Yay!!!! I am from Portugal. I dont like Wii U.

Awwww, poor little Wii U Sad But it had some really great games!!

Which, if Super Mario Maker gets ported or an entirely new sequel soon, Switch has them all. =P

Lol we are still waiting on Smash and Xenoblade chronicles X

I know we have Xenoblade 2 but it's a bit different ;)

Well if we don't here anything about X by E3 (my bets it'll be a supported game through the new online functions) we're probably not getting it.

Smash is a given, we know one is coming, but which and when are the conversations we're having.

No mention of TMS: #FE = [

That game was awesome.

Sat Jan 20 18 07:29pm
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I understand how you feel. Sorry about that. Sad

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