Analyst says Nintendo might have sold another 7 million Switch units worldwide Oct. through Dec. 2017

If that figure turns out to be true, that would mean the Switch outsold the Wii U's total install base in just 10 months. We won't know for sure until Nintendo releases their fiscal results, but it certainly seems like the figure is doable!

Thanks to Sligeach_eire for the heads up!

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Sat Jan 20 18 08:38pm
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I feel like if they crossed the Wii U sales as a whole they would have made that announcement prior to their financial report. That said hope it's true.

I dunno man... if the Wii U really was that weak of a seller, then announcing the Switch has already surpassed it might not be something they'd want to go telling everyone...

Besides, it was already confirmed earlier that it outdid the Wii U's early sales.

As for the topic, 7 is a lucky number so if Nintendo does something really Marvellous, then Nintendo has dominated the industry again.

And no, I don't care that the PS4 is way ahead of the Switch because compared to the Switch, it barely has any games noteworthy and many of them are just downright ports of PS3.

I don't care that the PS4 is way ahead of the Switch because compared to the Switch, it barely has any games noteworthy and many of them are just downright ports of PS3.
I love the Switch, but I think it has more ports relatively than the PS4 does...

Well...see here's the difference.

Most of the ports the Switch has are all on the Wii U which is no longer in production and a much harder console to get at this point so to port those good games that the Wii U has on the switch makes a lot of sense because they are reselling those games again with the only difference being that it is sold on a better performed system profit wise making those games more of a demand. I have a feeling that those Zelda ports will also come to the Switch as well.

With PS4 though, there is really no reason to port games that were already in the last gen besides tweaking graphics side of things.

Playing PS3 games isn't that difficult either. PS3 can be bought like around 80$ on Amazon and even then, you have the PS Now system that lets you do so.

Last of us, Valkyria chronicles and some others don't have any reason to be "remastered" when you can play them easily on PS Now.

What about Skyrim, Rocket League, Stardew Valley, Doom, LA Noire, Yooka Laylee? And that's just off the top of my head. I'm sure I can find a ton more if I actually looked into it. They're all ports of games that are easily available

Dude like come on. You can't compare ports coming from indie games to that of PS4 because indies need more cash man.

And those games you mentioned are all very old games that came either a year or like years ago....

...I don't get you. You claimed that PS4 had more ports than Switch, and I try to refute that. You then say that it's not true because 'those ports don't count'. Then I list even more ports outside of the ones 'that don't count', and you say those don't count either.

It's not about whether they're old, from indies, or from an unsuccessful console originally... You said PS4 has more ports, and I am simply saying that's not true. I never made any statement about the quality of the ports, if the ports made sense or not, or if the ports 'count'. Heck, I even said I love the Switch, but it does have more ports than the PS4, relatively

Ok ok I get it...

But atleast the Switch has a better lineup than the PS4 right?

it's all relative. the switch has two GOTY contenders (one is also for the wiiu) but the sheer number of quality exclusives on the PS4 vastly outnumbers anything the switch has ever released. Even that comparison is flawed since the PS4 is much longer on the market though but looking at the 2018 exclusive lineup, PS4 is unbeatable sorry.

still not revising my numbers, 40M max lifetime sales for me.

Definitely. ...For me personally, anyway. I've always been a Nintendo gamer at heart because of that kind of magic they can pour into their games somehow. It's a bit of a vague concept that probably a lot of non-fans won't be able to get, but I think you know exactly what I mean! =D

Sun Jan 21 18 04:28pm
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I do and for a while this is all I knew. But then I got to play some other games like Xenosaga, SMT3 Nochturne, Psychonauts, Dragon Quest 7, even more abstract and oddball games like little inferno and I realized there is a different kind of magic in those games. Heck even Little King Story has a magic that puts many nintendo games to shame (it was developed by the Japanese all stars of developers after all) and Nintendo leave a lot to be desired in terms of storytelling and other companies fill in this blank wonderfully, from the indy the fall which made my jaw drop at the finale, to the "WHERE IS SHE?" in The Last of Us which was hands down one of the most emotional moments of the past generation.

and while I will never stop 5 starring mario games (if odyssey kept that same system in place) but I could never believe the amazement I would have with lesser known and even flawed games these past 10 years.

and nintendo consoles offer only a tiny fragment of what is worth it out there.

PS: I do not have a PS4 and not planning to get one in the forseeable future. Too expensive for me.

Oh, yes. Don't get me wrong, the magic is not exclusive to Nintendo. But I do think they're one of the bests at it, and they also have a game design philosophy I can often agree with. (But not always! For example, I do wish they had a bit more storytelling at times, like you mentioned...)

But if I had to pick a console out of all of them, I usually gravitate toward the Nintendo consoles, since I am most likely to find the most of these experiences there...

The accomplishment is doing it in 9 months vs five years. Every region has announced it as it has passed. Wii U sales individually. Why wouldn't they do it as a whole?

Because 1) if the Wii U numbers weren't that great, then this accomplishment isn't much of an accomplishment and 2) this would be just another confirmation by Nintendo that the Wii U sales weren't that great...

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