Detective Pikachu mascot costume now wandering around Japan

Man, this is how you know Pokemon Co. and Nintendo really care about the little details. You'd think Pokemon Co. could just take one of the inflatable Pikachu mascot costumes and throw a hat/cowl on it and call it a day. That's not good enough for them, so they made a brand-new suit featuring a facial expression closer to that of Detective Pikachu. Now that's dedication I can appreciate!

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It's the same "dedication" as when LEGO releases a second or third minifig of a specific character and changes their design in some way to attract collectors.

Sun Jan 21 18 01:55pm
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Well, it's not like there was a whole lot they could do to make Detective Pikachu distinct... at least they changed his face to match the character; that alone would probably require a lot more than changing a paint job on a LEGO figure... also, this guy here is a lot bigger...

The fact that his his mouth is closed instead of open already means this is a very different Pikachu.

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