HoopWorld delisted from Wii Shop Channel

We're not quite sure of the exact moment HoopWorld was yanked from the Wii Shop Channel. We know it was there as of Nov. 2017, but that's the last point of reference we have. Inbetween then and now, the game has been removed from the Wii Shop Channel. Hope you grabbed it while you could, because now it's gone forever!

Thanks to Mock Turtle for the heads up!

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Hope you grabbed it while you could, because now it's gone forever!

Thanks, digital-only fake publishing!

I wouldn't go that far, but you're right, this is why digital distribution sucks. Now it joins The Magic Obelisk as a game I'll never play. Sad

fred duck
Mon Jan 22 18 12:19pm
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I wanted TMO, too!

Wait, you submitted this piece because you went to Shopping Channel to get Hoopworld and that's when you discovered it was gone? Sad

PS, thanks for submitting the story! No one else covered it.

You got me. It was there when I made my shopping list in November, but not when I went to do a pass at my second-tier games to buy two days ago. The fact that it was a second-tier priority softens the blow a bit.

It looks like, when comparing what's available now to the full list on Wikipedia, there are actually several more that have been delisted as well, and no one has noticed. Nobody cares about WiiWare anymore, I guess.

"Anymore," you say? :P

It's a miracle WiiWare was made at all, considering the incredible limits developers had to work within but on top of that, if you bought a lot of Wii games with online components, since you couldn't move or copy the resulting data file, and WiiWare required to be run from internal memory, I imagine there would come a time when you would have to choose between deleting a save file or being able to play a WiiWare game. o_o;

Most of the titles were simply crap. For example, Harvest Moon: My Little Shop actually punishes players for unlocking more of its minigames. That's why when seemingly good ones like TMO get lost, it's a real shame.

A few titles got ported to iOS, but ports are not the same. They never are.

It's not "gone forever" in any way that matters. Both Hoopworld and TMO are readily available for anyone that really cares.


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