Fire Emblem Heroes - Choose Your Legends: Round 2 event now available, runs until January 29

The second round of The Choose Your Legends event has begun. If you have any interest in voting, go to this website.

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Now everyone, don't forget to vote for Ishtar this time.

I got a better idea. How about Rutger?

Interestingly both placed not far apart last time at 124th and 136th.
In between them there are several characters, that already made it into Heroes (including coincidentally both Raven and Lucius). So there is hope.

And they are both still ahead of a certain main character, that is MIA.

Those are all funny ways to spell Amy.

I voted for Hector
lol what other dancers can you vote in, I want to vote for the angelical beings from path of radiance and Linus

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