Naughty Dog's Neil Druckmann shares his Super Mario Odyssey accomplishment

Well, if The Last of Us: Part II doesn't end up coming out anytime soon, it looks like you can blame Super Mario Odyssey. Naughty Dog's Neil Druckmann took to Twitter to share his ultimate achievement in Super Mario Odyssey. Looks like he enjoyed the game just a tad!

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I loathe the Koopa races, even more so because you’re made do them twice, so I won’t be completing Odyssey 100% Smile

Do you hate them more than the volleyball moons? Those were the least pleasant for me.

Yeah I did both volleyball games in one go. The jump rope game took a handful of tries.

Mon Jan 22 18 04:05pm
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At least the Koopa races are easy. Jump rope and volleyball make me want to hurt things.

Mon Jan 22 18 05:54pm
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Once you reach like 50 on those games getting to something like 100 becomes easier because you realize it's just a matter of staying consistent, nothing changes dramatically at that point. Also, with volleyball it's especially easy because you can shake the controller to throw your hat if you're a little too far away from the ball. So just find a rhythm and try not to overthink it.

Mon Jan 22 18 02:34pm
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The coin grind to get 999 Moons (and the Skeleton suit) is awful.

Mon Jan 22 18 05:58pm
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I didn’t even notice the grind, I just change the music a lot in SMO under the 2-3 h long grind, only the Rope Challenge was awful Hard for me, took over 3 h to do 100

IF it was awful for you, then Hyrule Warriors (Definitive Edition) would be a living nightmare for you!

haha still using plain old pictures to show achievements...

That's the best though!

Love Mr. Druckman. Never gonna happen, but would love to see his take on a Metroid game.

Is there an actual point to getting 999 Moons? I collected all unique Power Moons, but never bought more than the single unique Moon in each shop, and I am at 880 Moons, if I recall correctly. Do you get anything if you have 999 Moons?

I will just copy what Gameranx.com has to say about it, because I don't remember how many moons unlocked what.


Ah, okay.



What a "Naughty Dog" indeed, LOL!

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