RAMPAGE (movie) - trailer #2

Oh man, this looks like it could be a good/bad movie, which I'm all about. It also looks like it could be plain bad. There's a fine line between so bad its good, and so bad it's unwatchable!

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Let me just go ahead and write down what everyone is thinking.

This isn't Rampage.

Rampage and Nintendo Labo on the same day?

Okay, so... here's the thing.

First part of that trailer literally looks like that King Kong movie from like... 14 years ago.

Also, I like Dwayne Johnson and all, but... I think we're at maximum Dwayne Johnson saturation. He might wanna tone down the number of movies he's in for a while, or something.

1. Why is George white?

2. Why can Ralph fly?

3. Why is Lizzie a straight up Crocodile?

4. You know what? Hollywood. Nevermind.

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