Atari Game Partners looking to get fans to invest in all-new RollerCoaster Tycoon for Switch

Since RollerCoaster Tycoon's initial release in 1999, it has been one of the most popular gaming franchises of all time. Developed by Chris Sawyer, the RCT series has generated hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue and built a dedicated, diverse and expansive fan base around the world.

Atari is the exclusive master licensee of the RollerCoaster Tycoon franchise. The RCT franchise has become one of Atari's most popular, generating very significant revenue.

Early in 2017, Atari unveiled the newest entry into the franchise -- RollerCoaster Tycoon Touch. This free-to-play 3D simulation game for iOS and Android was an instant success, skyrocketing to the top of the app stores after worldwide launch featuring by Apple and Google Play. With more than 12 million downloads since launch and praise from gamers and critics alike, the classic gameplay proved to be a natural fit for touchscreen devices, making it easier than ever for gamers to flex their imaginations.

In developing the RollerCoaster Tycoon franchise in its most recent versions, Atari worked with Nvizzio Creations. This world-class developer has years of experience developing engaging 3D experiences for gamers, and was intimately involved in the development of RollerCoaster Tycoon World for the PC.

The unmitigated success of the RollerCoaster Tycoon franchise made the opportunity clear for Atari Game Partners: deliver the first RollerCoaster Tycoon game for the Nintendo Switch. The RollerCoaster Tycoon franchise needs to be put in the hands of even more gamers and developed for the new and innovative Nintendo Switch! RollerCoaster Tycoon on Nintendo Switch will be an all-new game made specifically for Switch with exclusive features.

It's a perfect match... One of gaming's most beloved brands is bringing one of gaming's best franchises to the most exciting platform in gaming today... And we are offering you the opportunity to invest.

This is a unique opportunity, as it's more than just a Kickstarter for a project. If you do want to invest, there's a lot more to learn about for this project. Make sure you take the time to read and find out if it's the right thing for you. Grab the full details here (thanks Gerjet!)

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Most profitable franchise but needs fans to fund it? Hmmmm

Invest in it, actually.

And if you did choose to invest, you make money off of your investment.

(I do see what you’re saying, though.)

If they were putting the originals on and not the Free2Pay version I would be interested, but I don't see this having a positive reception that would lead to return on my investment.

Tue Jan 23 18 03:04pm
Rating: 1 (Updated 1 time)

Also an information:

It will be the pay2win version of the game - not the cult classic original. And the developer here made RollerCoaster World - aka the game so bad, Atari did not mention it.

Tue Jan 23 18 03:13pm
Rating: 1 (Updated 1 time)

Can’t you guys use all that revenue to, you know, fund the game?

Ports of the original trilogy that people might actually want would be cheap to develop. Do that.

Given that it's Atari and my previous bad experience with Kickstarter, I won't be investing, besides Atari should fund it themselves.


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