Super Mario Odyssey - final design sketch for Cappy

I didn't even realize the bit about Cappy's eyes when he laughs. Man, I love those little touches Nintendo throws into their games.

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That's just adorable

Tue Jan 23 18 06:23pm
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I'm really curious to see if Cappy will become a mainstay in the Mario series moving forward.

On one hand, he lends so much to improving manuverability in 3D Mario games. And he's pretty inconspicuous when just sitting on Mario's head.

On the other hand, they'd have to keep creating plots/mechanics around his capture ability. Attempting to lampshade it would be kind of awkward considering that's a major factor of his.

If he returns, I think it will only be in an Odyssey sequel. In terms of functionality, I could see him making a cameo though.

They may rework the general capturing concept into another idea in the future.

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