Cosmic Star Heroine Switch port looking more likely

The dev behind Cosmic Star Heroine has been interested in bringing the game to Switch for some time now, but it appears he's had a hard time getting Nintendo to discuss the idea. Thankfully those days seem to be over, as another party has stepped in to make the port happen. Dev Robert Boyd explained the situation to USGamer.

"A contractor contacted us about doing a port [of Cosmic Star Heroine] and publishing on the Switch and their terms were quite favorable. Nothing signed yet, but I'm optimistic."

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I'd buy it. All aboard the hype train!

Is it good ?
It looks a lot like a ffvii fan made game.

Haven't played it but the battle system sounds awesome.

The ladies on the Axe of the Blood God podcast are doing a deep dive on it. They started on their most recent episode

Alright then. Thanks, I'll check it out !

I'll definitely buy this.

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