ARMS will not receive anymore big content updates, says Nintendo

While ARMS is going to get a few more tweaks in the coming weeks and months, Nintendo has confirmed that they don't have plans for any big content updates. The confirmation comes from Nintendo's Kosuke Yabuki himself.

"After its launch on 16th June, we released several significant free content updates for ARMS, including five new characters, 12 new ARMS, five new stages, collectible badges, and new modes like Party Crash. More Party Crash events are on the way, and we'll continue to make balance adjustments and other small changes to improve the gaming experience, but we currently have no plans for bigger updates."

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Didn't we know this already (from the Japanese translation?)

Didn't we know this already (from the Japanese translation?)

Yeah, though some people took the vague response (currently have no plans) as a Indicator that there will be more updates eventually.

To me, this says the big updates are done, unless they change their mind for some reason down the line.

I think the next big update to ARMS will be ARMS2.. ;)

Thu Jan 25 18 08:59am
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"Currently have no plans" is not the same as "will not receive anymore."

Just misinformation. Worse than not reporting news.

Thu Jan 25 18 09:25am
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Good to hear that. Maybe we can get now a game of the year edition.

Why? All the DLC is free.

But did ARMS win any GOTY awards? Laughing

I wonder if Arms did well enough to get a sequel and Smash Bros representation.

Smash Bros representation I would think is a lock. As for a sequel, I feel like it could go either way.

I would even find it strange to not have ARMS representation in Smash Bros. It just makes too much sense, and with how popular the game has been, I just can't imagine they'll put them into Smash Bros.

I would even find it strange to not have ARMS representation in Smash Bros.

I just can't imagine they'll put them into Smash Bros.

Err, wait which way is it? You think they will be in or that they won't be in?

Sat Jan 27 18 01:01am
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He probably just made a typo. Probably meant:

I just can't imagine they won't put them into Smash Bros.

... But that would repeat exactly what he said in his first sentence... Now I'm confused?

Sat Jan 27 18 08:17am
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You are right. And I was also being redundant

I see.

But yeah I agree. I think ARMS and Splatoon are locks to get chracters in the next Smash game. I also would anticipate either one new xenoblade character, or two if they take out Shulk.

What other franchises do you think should be considered "locks" for Smash 5?

Sat Jan 27 18 04:30pm
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I highly doubt they'd take Shulk out... he is the original Xenoblade character after all, and they haven't replaced Marth yet and he's from a series with way more options, including plenty of viable replacements. Rex seems a likely candidate, although I still wish some of the secondary characters could get some love... Fiora and Morag have such uniqueness to them, they'd totally make great and original fighters. There's Elma too... but I can't help but feel like she wouldn't bring much originality to Smash.

Splatoon and the Inklings seem an obvious addition... too successful not to add.

Don't know about ARMS... maybe... not sure one reasonably successful game makes a franchise worth representing. I just really hope they wouldn't add Spring Man... do we really need another Little Mac character, but with slinky arms? Would much prefer Min Min... interesting weapon choices (laser breathing dragon) and kungfu moves.

Would love to believe Dillion from Rolling Western has earned a spot, what with a third game on the horizon.

Still plenty of old games to fill the 'retro' slot... really thinking Takamaru and his samurai skills could take that spot, especially since Sakurai seemed to considered him for Smash 4, but decided against it because 'his game is exclusive to Japan' as if that really makes any sense...

As for third-party characters... I'm still thinking Shantae has earned a chance. She's four games in, all on Nintendo platforms, has global recognized now that her games are released in Japan, and arguably the biggest and best representative of some of Nintendo's biggest supporters; the indie developers.

Not sure if they earned it, but I'd love the Wonderful 101 to be playable... but only if they feature some sort of team mechanic like they did in their game; I don't want to be playing as 'Wonder Red and his amazing punching powers' as many people seem to desire, I want the whole team together!

That's what I'm thinking right now, although I have a fair share of concerns right now, my biggest ones being:
1. Will they finally cut out the old and redundant characters to make room for newer and better options?
-Jigglypuff is still in why now? Especially now that it has literally nothing going for it... is it just there because "tradition" now?
-Why do we need Falco? Wouldn't someone like Saki do the jumpy, blaster character better and represent more than just an obnoxious sidekick (like an entire franchise)? Not to mention he has better options, what with his laser sword.
-Do we really need Lucas as his own character when character costumes are a thing? Why not make Lucas a costume for Ness and add a different Earthbound character? And that kinda goes for any character who is basically a clone that could work as a costume too.
2. Will they just fill the roster with even more random characters from top-tier franchises?
-Do we still need Sheik? Zelda's one-off alter ego, especially now that she's an entirely separate character? Can't they add a different Zelda character like Impa or Tingle?
-Did we really need filler character Bowser Jr. and 'yeah he looks cool, let's add him' Greninja? Is it too much to ask that a character has some strong purpose or decent amount of consideration to be included?
-What's the point of bring Roy back? He was still a clone and worse he was paid DLC... would have made Corrin (the sixth Fire Emblem character and also paid DLC) a lot more tolerable too...
-Cloud... seriously, let's just file this one under 'jumping the shark'.
3. They're never going to update the characters that need a new move set.
-Ganondorf... should be obvious...
-Wario... deserves Wario Land moves, not that made up WarioWare set...

I don't think they would take Shulk out either, just because he is a pretty unique character. However, I think it is a little unfair to compare him to Marth. Marth is basically the FE mascot, in that he represents the franchise the way Pikachu does Pokemon. Shulk seems more like Ike. A fan favorite with a unique moveset that has no reason to be removed.

As for ARMS, I think that Nintendo is decently satisifed with how the game did, and as a major Switch release and fighting game, there could be a lot of potential synergy in including a character from that game in Smash. I also would rather not see Springman. Min Min or Ribbon Girl would be great! Ideally, because a few of the characters have similar body frames, they could put multiple characters in as skins of one base character, and kind of mix the moveset up to include staples of each character.

I agree with Dillon coming back. Although, I get the feeling Nintendo sees him as too small a character to include. I would say he has a lesser chance, but should be considered at least.

I don't know much about Takamura. How would he be different from other Sword characters? Also, I am not sure what third parties I would want to see yet. I don't think Shantae is popular enough however to make it into Smash.

I do think the roster needs some culling. Mario and Link (among others) need to get some makeovers with movesets based on their switch games. I'm a huge FE fan, but they need either less representation, or more variation on the types of characters put in the game. With all of the different classes available, I think it is time to branch out from the sword lords. Keep Marth, Ike and Robin and add an axe user and a lance user (Fjorm from the mobile game or Azura).

As for your other thoughts at the end...I feel this post is getting to long already, so rapid fire mode.

Jigglypuff should be gone. Falco I have no major opinion on. Lucas should be a skin. Sheik should be removed from Zelda. Make her into Impa and add a BoTW champion. Bowser jr. is fine imo. Pokemon characters in general should be looked at. Roy should be a skin. Cloud if they don't have FF7 on Switch was dumb.

Make a Smash bros thread so we can have a larger discussion on GN about this game.

Sat Jan 27 18 10:57pm
(Updated 1 time)

Make a Smash bros thread so we can have a larger discussion on GN about this game.

Create a forum thread about a new Smash bros? Maybe I could... although I'd be afraid I'd get all preachy and pushy about what would make the perfect Smash, and then people would get annoyed with me... I have a habit of doing that when I want perfection and everyone else sounds so imperfect to me...

And what would I call it? The Next Smash thread? ...my perfectionism is nagging me again...

Were you on GN before Smash 4 came out? The Smash bros thread back then was one of my favorite threads and was filled with wild speculation and debate.

Just call it "Super Smash Switch Discussion Thread" or something.

Sun Jan 28 18 05:53pm
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So I actually went ahead and did it... you can find "The ALL NEW Super Smash Bros. Discussion Thread" in the Random Time! forum... because I don't think we have a forum dedicated to game-specific discussions...

I'd answer your question, but man, I think JD did everything I could've and more!

But hm, I don't know if there really are more locks than ARMS and Splatoons. There are definitely some other potentials, but not definite locks. With the announcement of Bayonetta 3, I feel like Bayonetta is sure to return (whereas without the B3 announcement, she might've been dropped like Snake).

I enjoyed that they updated this game that being said none of the updates kept me coming back for more like Splatoon 2 does sometimes. So if ARMS gets a sequel they need to add something more to the series to give it a little more depth IMO. Maybe like a full on story mode with animated cutscenes, bigger arenas with more gimmicks, more customization for modes like V-ball, skillshot, and hoops. Also maybe give each Character a unique special instead of the same flail your arms back and forth as fast as you can thing...

They built a decent foundation but they need to expand upon it GREATLY if they want to turn this series into a franchise.

I hope one of the small changes to improve the gaming experience is changing the title card. I'm sick of that green Coyle/Brass thing.


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