GoNintendo Video Review - Celeste

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- a platforming fan's dream
- amazing soundtrack
- gorgeous visuals
- unique and engaging vibe
- plenty of content


- difficulty may scare off quite a few

Final Word

Celeste is a game I've had my eye on since it was first revealed. I was hoping it would be something special. In the end, it managed to surpass all my expectations. Every single element of the game blows me away on its own, but the real magic happens when you combine everything together. There's so much heart and magic tucked away in here. As long as you're up for an amazing challenge, Celeste is going to deliver on so many levels.


I know this is a game you've been wanting to talk about for some time but the review embargo has prevented you from doing so freely. It's a game that's come from obscurity but has pleasantly surprised a lot of people, myself included. Its review scores and all the platitudes have been overwhelmingly positive. Have we found the next Shovel Knight? It's score on Metacritic is terrific and will help it garner more attention.

I'm super disappointed in the lack of replies on this review post. I bought it tonight (on PS4 for 4k support) and got through the first level. It's an unbelievably charming, visually and aurally stunning, crazy challenging game. I haven't even got that far yet but can't wait to see what is further up the mountain.

Played through most of Super Meat Boy's Dark world, so it will be interesting to compare the two. The story will likely beat out Meat Boy (what story in Meat Boy?). I played the original PC version with superior music, but I feel like Celeste will easily win there too.

Took me 28 minutes to complete the first chapter with 127 deaths... Then it took me 3:33 to speedrun it with 12 deaths. Takes a while to get a grip of the physics etc but as you can see it's quick to 'master'.

Great though it is, Slime San it is not. By far the best of it's genre in my opinion.

Would play this, but still playing BOTW

I've got to finish Slime-San, I've got to finish the End is Nigh, I was planning on rebuying Super Meat Boy and I still need to buy Dig 2. This is platformer heaven for sure, there is even Dead Cell coming. Celeste looks excellent too and I'll probably get it next month.

Also people compare Celeste with McMillen games, and I guess it is comparable in terms of difficulty, but to me it looks more like a new Cave Story in terms of heart, music, story, and how it captures that feeling and atmosphere of playing snes when we were kids.

I download this and Super Meat Boy this week.

Enjoying Celeste more than Meat Boy, it’s more forgiving I think so far.

Both can be frustrating but they’re both good “pick up play a few rooms/levels and put down”

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