Atlus survey gauges interest Persona 6, remakes for multiple games, and all questions include Switch/3DS options

Atlus has put out a rather beefy survey for their Japanese fans, and it's chock-full of interesting questions. The good news is, Atlus has included both a Switch and 3DS option for all questions on the survey. In other words, for any game idea Atlus has put forward, you can choose which Nintendo platforms you'd like to see it on. A list of all the proposed projects can be found below.

- Persona 6
- Persona board game
- fighting game
- online RPG
- strategy RPG
- action RPG
- shooter
- remakes of games in the Devil Survivor and Devil Summoner series, the Etrian Odyssey series, the Digital Devil Saga series, the numbered Shin Megami Tensei titles, and the whole Persona series
- spinoff games from Atlus properties developed by other developers
- spinoffs include Soul Hackers, Devil Summoner, Devil Survivor, Persona fighting games, Persona dancing games, Persona Q, Etrian Odyssey, the main Persona series, and the Shin Megami Tensei series
- new IP
- a mainline numbered game of their main series
- spin-off of their main series
- remake of past games
- port of already-released games to new consoles
- non-gaming content like anime
- collaborations with other companies.
- for the new IP, you’re also asked whether you’d like it from the Shin Megami Tensei team, the recently-formed Studio Zero, the Persona team, Vanillaware, or the Etrian Odyssey team
- specifically asked for platform choices for the next mainline numbered titles of the Persona, Shin Megami Tensei, and Etrian Odyssey series

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Fri Jan 26 18 12:08pm
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Perfect, I jusr traded in my copy of Persona 5 for Monster Hunter World :P I just recently beat it so I am fine with that, put in 7 minutes short of 100 hours to beat it lol, now give me the sequel or port the game to switch Smile

Do they really need to ask if people want these... this really seems like a no-brainer.

Fri Jan 26 18 12:36pm
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They don't need to know if people want this...they need to know how many people want this.
Perhaps there are more people who want a sequel to Devil Survivor than Digital Devil Saga and things like that.

Not to mention perhaps more japanese gamers want this games on the 3DS instead of the Switch or PS4.

Fri Jan 26 18 12:51pm
(Updated 2 times)

Then these are foolhardy questions that in most case are already answered and if they really wanted to get a true census to these questions they would be asking them worldwide.

Continued support of the 3DS will bury them worldwide and within a couple years I could see the Switch easily being more preferred in Japan over the 3DS

All of these games work best on the Switch due to the portable nature of the console and their games are rarely graphic intense, so the obvious answer is make low budget remakes for old 3DS games and put those only on the Switch and their big games put on the Switch, PS4, and PC.

The answers could also help to see the opinion of their fans, and would help them to evaluate if they need to convince them to move to the target consoles for the next games, shaping their future ads/promotion. If most answer 3DS/Vita, it's a clear indication they need to ask/convince them to move to Switch/PS4.

I want Persona 5 and all future possible Personas on Switch

I said it once and I will say it again, Atlus is practically wasting their time in these IPs. All of them are niche and not everyone is into them. I have devil survivor and I haven't even touched it once. Only reason I bought it was because it was at a sale of 10$ but after watching some footage of it, I made a mistake on getting it.

Instead, they ought to revive the classic IPs that SEGA has left dormant so that people can actually give crap about Atlus. But no, instead they make IPs and games that only a small portion of gamers would appreciate which is kinda bad on their side because they aren't doing much to expand their audience.

Really...I just don't get SEGA buying Atlus. All Atlus has ever done at this point is making RPGs...and a whole lot of them are niche to the point that chances of TMS being ported to switch is extremely slim.

It also doesn't help that they have not even ported their games elsewhere besides Nintendo systems and some other niche consoles like the Vita. PC is a good market for their type of games and they haven't even explored that. I'm even surprised that SEGA hasn't even tried to convince them to port their games on PC.

Sat Jan 27 18 01:16am
(Updated 1 time)

ATLUS is good at making these games, and they are the rare ones to make non-moe niche RPG games. It's a niche that still need to exist, and it's most probably what their devs WANT to make. IMO, that's the most important factor.
They're also doing quite well for a niche game dev, and it's no coincidence why they are amongst the last ones in that niche...

There are so many devs that make niche games out there. The problem here is SEGA owns them so if SEGA wants to win back the audience it used to have, they may as well make use of Atlus's talent so that Atlus can be a better dev than what it is now.

Best way to lose all the talents working there. The ones working there right now like doing ATLUS-like games, not SEGA-like games. The same thing for the fans. ATLUS fans would be very angry and leave if they started being SEGA's slaves. That was probably a big point in the merging contract. Like in Minecraft's case, where the devs had Microsoft promise to keep the game multiplatform.

I just disagree here. Surely, Atlus is more than capable of making a brand new Phantasy Star game. Its not going to hurt anyone.


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