Grant Kirkhope would love to compose for the Super Mario Bros. animated movie

The following comes from a GamingReinvented interview with composer Grant Kirkhope...

GR: Wow, that sounds great! However, did you hear about the new Mario movie that’s coming soon? Would you want to write for that at some point down the line?

GK: Yeah. I would love to write for that, it’d be my absolute dream. To be the composer would be fantastic. It’s by Illumination isn’t it?

GR: Yeah

GK: I would love to do that then. If there’s any way I could do it, I would. It’d be fantastic fun.

GR: It’d certainly have a great soundtrack if you were responsible for it!

GK: Well yeah, but I just feel like… you know, I know Mario inside out and I’ve already written for live orchestra, so I could do it easily. So, I’d love to work on it. It’d be a great project to work on.

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"Well, yeah" it would sound good if I did it haha Just kidding but it would be cool.


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