Nintendo confirms the Super Mario movie collab with Illumination, co-produced by Miyamoto

This comes from the latest investors meeting...

Lastly, we will now introduce a new initiative to effectively use Nintendo IP. We have started development of an animated movie featuring “Super Mario” with Illumination, the movie studio that brought films such as “Despicable Me” and “Minions.” For this project Mr. Chris Meledandri, Founder and CEO of Illumination and Shigeru Miyamoto, Representative Director, Fellow of Nintendo will co-producing the film. The film will be co-financed by Universal Pictures and Nintendo, and distributed theatrically worldwide by Universal Pictures.

Further announcements on details such as release dates will be made at a later date. We look forward to providing further information about the release timing for this movie that we hope everyone will enjoy. As a part of our effort to expand Nintendo IP beyond video games, we look forward to bringing smiles to people around the world through this movie.

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Good. I've always dreamed for them to collab with DreamWorks on something, and this is close enough. Make it silly and fun. Wahoo!

Wed Jan 31 18 08:55pm
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A "Super Movie Movie"!? Wow! I wanted that since the day I learned that Movie existed! I hope the choose a great actress to play Movie-tan!
Seriously, I'm curious to see what it'll look like!
Illumination is ok... the first movies of all their franchises were good. It's just that they tend to over-milk their success. With Nintendo to keep them in check, there's less chances for this to happen.

mock turtle
Wed Jan 31 18 08:59pm
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I'm not against the idea of this, but I am against the studio being Illumination. They haven't made a single good movie. I'd settle for fucking DreamWorks or Blue Sky, but Illumination? Ugh.

Get ready for this to supplant the live action Super Mario Bros. in terms of awful.

The first Ice Age was good. From what I've heard, Despicable Me 1 was good too.
Also, with the years, Nintendo got WAY better at working with others and making sure they get good quality from them.

Ice Age was Blue Sky. Disagree on Despicable Me. This will still be a disaster.

Oh sorry, I got confused because the producer was the same guy (which is also the producer for that Mario movie). Oh well.
As for DM, I would agree the minions are too much, but from what I heard saw, the rest of the movie was good. I still need to watch it to have a real opinion though. Maybe I'll do that this weekend...

Glad it's finally confirmed just wish it wasn't illumination studios...either way I'm hoping for the best for both this and Detective Pikachu both financially and critically as I want an animated DK movie, live action Zelda/Metroid movie, animated Star Fox movie, etc.

IF this movie is good it would only be natural that Nintendo themselves would break the videogame movie curse.

You'd have to actively try to make a Mario movie worse than whatever the hell that was that I saw as a kid.

All this has to do is get kids in theaters and excited about buying Nintendo games, and it won't have to be a masterpiece to do that. Definitely keep your expectations down for anything better and then you may even end up pleasantly surprised.

Wed Jan 31 18 09:11pm
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Ugh. Why must Nintendo go with the Minions company?

Caus etheir choices were dire to begin with.

Minions, Shrek and Ice Age. Not really looking good.

Fun fact: The Ice age producer is the same one that will co produce the Mario movie. :P

Wed Jan 31 18 09:18pm
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Why do I feel like in another dimension Nintendo went with Dreamworks and everyone complained they didn't want the Shrek Company making Mario with it?

Cause that's probably what would happen.

Could you imagine if Nintendo chose PIXAR! The company responsible for CARS 2, CARS 3, and THE GOOD DINOSAUR!?

Probably equally as bad as Minions.

It turns out NBC Universal owns both Illumination and Dreamworks so both companies are under the same corporate banner now.

Holy macaroni! That’s awesome news! I’ll be looking forward to see the movie more than ever!

For people going "why the studio that made Minions?" I'll remind you all about Mario+Rabbids. Stupid idea when you first hear about it, but actually amazing execution (and I feel this comparison fits given I've seen people say rabbids are to gaming what Minions are to movies). I'm pretty sure with Nintendo having a heavy hand in the project they're going to make damn sure Illumination doesn't screw it up.


Can’t wait to see it day 0.
Sure it sould look better as a animated movie instead of Decetive Pikachu’s livev action CGI

So many worrywarts around here. Seriously, considering how picky Miyamoto is regarding Mario these days, I have a feeling Illumination will be treading lightly on this project and making sure it's to Miyamoto's liking. Frankly, I'm not too worried.

I can't wait to watch it!!!!

Are the users complaining about Illumination the same that considered Mario + Rabbids DoA just because of Ubisoft?

I dunno. It seems there are more people against this than there were against Mario + Rabbids


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