Nintendo looking to support the Switch for more than the traditional 5-6 year period

Nintendo has some very hefty goals for the Switch. Things have certainly started off on the right foot, and Nintendo has every intention to keep that going for many years to come.

According to Nintendo president Tatsumi Kimishima, the goal is to support Switch after the 5-6 year mark, which is the traditional run for game consoles. The system could be supported anywhere between 7-10 years. No specifics on how Nintendo intends to support the platform this long were given.

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Thu Feb 01 18 02:36pm
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That right joycon will never last 5-6 years. It looks ready to blow any minute.

Dare I say maybe longer than the 3DS?

Thu Feb 01 18 02:36pm
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That right joycon will never last 5-6 years. It looks ready to blow any minute.

Good. It should have been doing this with its systems for a long time. Sony figured that out with the very first PlayStation, and it's a major thing in terms of customer satisfaction by the end of a product's lifespan imo.

Hopefully a move toward a more mobile style hardware release schedule if true.

if they gonna support the switch for that long they are going to need to do some hardware revision, pretty much a powered up switch. the ps5 and xbox whatever will be around during these times.

If they choose to do this I expect a Nintendo Switch Pro, New Nintendo Switch, Switch U, Nintendo Switch X or whatever they call it in about 2 years. Basically a more beefed up revision. No way the Tegra X1 can last 7 years from now. Switch is already dated hardware wise now. It can still get SOME current gen 3rd party games but it needs more. I love my Switch and would be more than happy to upgrade IF we get more 3rd party games. Also thank god we're getting a long life cycle I hope by the end of it we end up getting just as much or if not more 1st party titles than the 3DS (which is the current record holder for most 1st party titles on a Nintendo console ever!).

Thu Feb 01 18 03:20pm
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How will this last longer then the normal 5-6 year cycle? Simple.

The current switch will slide into the role the 3DS currently occupies: a cheap system ($150) with a large install base.

Around that time a Nintendo Switch 2 will release and improve on every aspect of the original.

Exactly what I was thinking.

The longer they support it the cheaper the tech in the switch will become. I can see the Switch becoming the cheap portable console one day, similar to how the 3DS is the cheap portable console today. Not sure what that would mean for a second console. Hopefully Nintendo sticks to this one console route going forward because it's awesome to have a portable and home console in one.

Plenty of time for a Switch lite šŸ˜

Hardware revisions are a given, so I can see this. And the hybrid has turned out to be popular beyond anyone's imagination, so why not? By the time 5 years comes around cartridge prices for even the larger sizes will be peanuts compared to today.

i think that to achieve this with more 3rd party support, they need to release an add-on to give it more power, like an expansion pak was for the N64. maybe it can be a new dock. maybe we will get more demanding games for it but just to play docked mode like a regular console.

i really hope that they don't release a new switch like they did with the 3ds.
i like having a console that can play all the games without upgrading to a pro version.

Hasn't everyone said this for the last couple generations?

Hopefully they follow through with that plan, then. Because I don't forget back in 2004 when they claimed their 3-tier plan, meaning they were going to support GameCube, GameBoy Advance and the DS.
Once the DS proved to be successful they quickly forgot about GBA's existence. Then when Wii released they abandoned GameCube and took the last 3 games announced for it (Super Paper Mario, some DK racing game and Kirby) and ported them to Wii instead. So, yeah, Nintendo has a habit of saying things and not always following through. Let's hope this guy that replaced Iwata makes them stick to their word.

Thank God. For once I like this. Region free, games getting ported and a long lifespan.


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