Hackers get Linux running on Switch

We said a few weeks back that the Switch homebrew scene was going to start moving rather quickly with recent steps the hacking community has made. As you can see above, that's certainly the case. Linux is now up-and-running on the platform. Making things worse for Nintendo, the hackers behind this project claim the bug used to get Linux on Switch cannot be patched.

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Tue Feb 06 18 04:25pm
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Why can't hackers ever use their powers for good?

what exactly would you want them to do?

Backup to MicroSD would be nice.

I don't know...find number 45's tax returns? lol

All these hackers are the reason Nintendo stays locked in the past so much.

Tue Feb 06 18 06:59pm
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Do you think running Linux is bad?

Wed Feb 07 18 05:00am
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I am just as surprised. Apparently running Linux now is seen as a morally bad thing

Tue Feb 06 18 04:55pm
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Maybe one day we can get to play melee online on a Nintendo console this way! Would be nice to be able to practice without investing in a expensive computer after all the money already spent on traveling to events!
EDIT: that said, online will get a real threat with cheaters if this spreads, havent played that much online lately on the wii u, but ive heard theres cheating on mk8 and seen splatoon 1 cheat (super high movementspeed and instakill) being used there.

I'm no expert, but I would assume that Switch natively runs some variant of Linux for its own OS.
Plus, it's not like getting Linux to run on it is the feat here. The hard work is in accessing root to begin with.

Very true, and I think that is the message they want to send. The thing is, just saying "we have full access" won't really say much to most people. You need some tangible proof, and running Linux is the perfect way to do it

It runs an evolution of the 3DS OS. Homebuilt by Nintendo but probably based on Linux/Unix.
At launch it was rumoured it ran a variant of FreeBSD but that was debunked.

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