Sakurai talks about how long he'll continue making games, hopes to take on consulting roles in the future

The gang over at Source Gaming are working on a translation of a Famitsu interview with Masahiro Sakurai. While no specific upcoming projects are mentioned, Famitsu does as Sakurai how much longer he'll be making games. You can see his statement below.

…Well for me, every time I always think, “This might be the last one.” If it’s a request from a client then I’ll consider it, but I do wonder, “Is it alright if I’m not the director?” It might be good to take on more of a consulting role.

What does this mean for the future of Smash Bros.? I guess if Nintendo asks Sakurai to take the project on, he might consider it. That said, it seems like he'd like to take more of a backseat in the development process moving forward, no matter what the project is.


For his health's sake, I hope he's not in charge of a new Smash. A consultor sounds like something far more reasonable IMO, especially if the rumored/speculated Smash for Switch is just an uprgraded port or the Wii U version.

Wed Feb 07 18 03:36pm
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I really want to see Sakurai on a different project. His talent is wasted on Smash, the franchise and its mechanics are well established by now and I am sure there are many people that worked under him over all these years that are familiar enough with the franchise to take on the next entry.

Sakurai has showed that he can create great new experiences and I would love to see something new from him again.

Yeah, the folks now working on Zelda, Mario, and Kirby have shown that they can carry the torch no problem, so having someone new in charge of the Smash series should be fine.

Now the question is: Will Sakurai allow that? IIRC, part of his health issues is due to being a bit too hands-on. Great for the final product, but can take a lot out of you.

I thought it seemed weird that he'd want to take a step back but that was based on his picture. I assumed he was maybe mid thirties....I was wrong. Good lord what does that guy eat?! he doesn't seem to age

Wed Feb 07 18 07:45pm
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He does look young for his age, doesn't he? That said, stepping back at age 47 still seems to be a bit early...

I guess he's not working on the next Smash then.. At least not directing it. Because otherwise there won't be a next Smash for a while if the project still has to start.
Or he deflected the question very nicely..

I want this man working on a sequel to Kid Icarus: Uprising for the Switch. I don't care what his role is in the project, I just want him to make that happen. Joycon controls would be a perfect match for the foundation that was already established on the 3DS.

I want him to take a step back from Smash Bros because it's literally damaging his body when he works on the game. Work on something smaller, like a new Kid Icarus or something.

He should probably just go back as a reviewer in Famitsu. That way, he can be part of gaming culture while still working to a brand that he is the sole creator of.

Or..he could go indie, use Kickstarter to make simple projects and with that get a publisher to publish his game or whatever.

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