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Remember when some people actually thought they'd release a dedicated handheld alongside the Switch lol

Fri Feb 09 18 02:59pm
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I wouldn't be so sure about that.

Nintendo is riding high...and with success comes pride...and greediness. The potential of two systems selling like hot cakes instead of one, with the requisite two entirely different set of accesories, royalties and profit could be very tempting if they sense they canĀ“t do anything wrong.

Not necessarily about greediness. Not having all your eggs in one basket is always a good idea. A good new idea for a pocketable handheld with a unique gameplay factor for the lower cost segment of the market could have potential alongside the Switch.

Handheld only Switch mini with its own shape/screen size requiring its own accessories. Non removable joycons and no included dock so you have to buy them separate if you want a more traditional Switch. Sorted.

They never went ahead and made a new device to sell alongside the 3DS when that was in its prime. They just iterated on its design.

That's still a possibility. That's what they never ruled out

Fri Feb 09 18 03:52pm
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If they make a dedicated handheld soon, it will just be a Switch mini of some sort. No point in them making a new platform when they can just build on the success of the Switch.

What I wonder is, if it's even possible at the moment to make a "smaller Switch", so to speak. I mean, I believe that developers already said that the current Switch is a technological marvel with how it managed to fit everything in there and not overheat

This reads to me like a continuation of the third pillar statements. Keeping the door open for a contingency plan, yet not actually meaning to continue should things go as planned.

The Switch was sold to me as the merging of the handheld and console lines, and I'm perfectly happy with it staying that way. Nintendo can mess around with form factor and variations, but whatever they come up with, I want it to play Switch games.

To be fair, Nintendo didn't market it in that way.

But, I think this makes it pretty clear they don't have a 3ds successor in the works.

Not sure I know what you mean. Didn't the very first trailer already show the Switch being used as both a handheld and TV console?

What I'm saying is, they made sure to always refer to it as a home console first, and insist that the 3dd line would continue. They made sure to avoid saying this was a merging of the handheld and console lines. Even though I personally see it as that.

Oh, yeah, I remember that. Not sure if that would fall under marketing, but that's more a discussion of semantics and is better left alone. I know what you mean and I agree with you

Don't get where people are begging Nintendo to not make another handheld system.

Nintendo is a corporate that makes money. If they want to make another system that prints them money, why not. Just don't buy it if you don't want it.

Sat Feb 10 18 08:26am
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Because it would dilute the appeal of the Switch. I'm perfectly content with the Switch being my dedicated handheld console right now. If they bring along a second handheld device and put games I want on there it'd be frustrating in so many ways. Having to carry around two separate consoles, having Nintendo spread their efforts thin once again across two platforms. It'd be completely and totally illogical.

A handheld only Switch would be the best solution by far. Just don't have detachable joycons and don't include a dock to knock the price down. Maybe have a smaller screen, whatever. They could still sell all that stuff separately if you want to buy the system cheap and then build it up into the more traditional Switch as you please. But making a completely new device to co-exist with Switch, handheld or home console, would be laughable.

Then by that logic, I can say that a lot of games that I want are on the Wii U and not on 3DS like Tropical Freeze and Super Mario 3D World. The only reason why they are stuck on Wii U is because of the graphics which imo won't make so much of difference if they were on 3DS.

Also, this is a company that somehow managed to sell Amiibo and made that as a norm for most of their games so you can argue that it frustrates the ones who want the full experience even though its fairly reasonable.

Or heck..they could instead make those classic editions and keep making them as their pillar. That's also working and that's something that people want.

Sat Feb 10 18 12:19pm
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The issue Nintendo have had for a long time is spreading their resources across two platforms. Have a team working on a game for 3DS and that's one less game for Wii U and vice versa. Tech has caught up to the point where handheld games can keep up with console expectations and that's exactly what Switch is. There's just simply no need to fragment that audience. (Quick note- comparing amiibo and their minor content unlocks to a full blown console with exclusive games doesn't hold water for very obvious reasons).

Throw in a healthy dose of confusion amongst the market (people see an advert for Switch and then one for another Nintendo handheld...that isn't the Switch...) and it's just a convoluted, pointless idea. It made sense to have two platforms with GameCube and GBA, made sense with Wii and DS, PS3 and PSP, Wii U and 3DS. Two separate markets at times that required them. But now Nintendo have a console that can do both, so where's the logic?

Sat Feb 10 18 12:43pm
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Its not about technical reasons. Its about money. And Nintendo has to make money even if they have saved up a lot. So if at all it means it can make them more money, what's stopping them from doing so?

Losing money, as the guy above you just explained.

Sat Feb 10 18 07:44pm
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Logic. Pure and simple.

I mean....it doesn't get any simpler than it already is.

If you're a hardware company who has already conquered a market, why would you want to complicate that side of things further? You have developers and publishers flocking to a singular, unchallenged market (the Switch). Why on any planet would you decide to introduce a new development platform and introduce new marketing spends to bring out a new dedicated handheld? A system which would only serve to compete against a console you're already pushing?

It makes no sense. I'm sure Nintendo, above you and I, know that.

Indeed. I sure am happy if I only need to worry about the Switch from now on. I need to only look at Smash Bros to see that you'd have lesser experience on the 3DS compared to the Wii U. The only thing the 3DS added was that it's of course portable and cheaper than the Wii U. But now with the Switch also being portable, there is no reason for another portable. The only thing a new portable can add is that it's a low-cost device...

veeery vague. This was a non reply really. Still wondering how you got 3ds successor from this one though

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