Pearl And Marina Amiibo Announced

Damnit, Nintendo...you know I can’t resist Pearl and Marina amiibo! No word on a release in NA/EU yet, but I’m sure there will be soon. Thanks to SwedishGalaxy94 for the heads up!

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Literally just ordered Aori and Firefly amiibo an hour ago (American Squid Sisters are ridiculously expensive) because I was craving for some Splatoon merchandise since I didn't (and still don't) know when Pearl/Marina Amiibo will release. Looking forward to getting them asap though.

Not surprised in the least, but I am still happy to see them. ^^ I will totally get them.

Would be awesome if they unlock some Off The Hook Gear.

Exactly. I'm sure everyone knew this was gonna come someday

DAY ONE! I knew it was only a matter of time but damn am I happy.

It's a crime there's no Judd Amiibo yet, though.

Scan it at the End of a Battle and Judd will declare you the winner!

I Still want a DJ Octavio amiibo before anyone else from splatoon. I love that guy he's definitely in the top 5 of Nintendo villains to me.

Octavio is awesome. I'd love a Amiibo of him with his Mech. Make it a large Amiibo, ala Detective Pikachu, would be sweet, haha.

Amiibo of these two made too much sense so I'm not at all surprised. Happy about it though. Now Nintendo just needs to made a Pauline amiibo, singing and in her glittery red dress.

Now that you mention it I'm surprised Pauline wasn't part of the SMO amiibo line. She'd be perfect, as would Cappy and Tiara.

I adore that turquoise scheme on Marina. Of course I'll get them day one!


Nintendo Of Europe just released a video about these amiibo, so the're coming to the West.

Goby Arena is a brand new stage coming to #Splatoon2 soon! It's a state-of-the-art basketball arena with a food court, VIP seating and more.


The Pearl and Marina amiibo will be coming to Europe as Nintendo UK posted a video.


I don't know why they bother with amiibo. Yes, OK in Japan I'm sure they'll sell well, but on the whole, amiibo is a fad that's dying or in some places is completely dead. And for the few that want them, they've to pre-order immediately as Nintendo produce so few now or else face getting scalped.

They bother with them because they still generate revenue, which is what corporations do. Even if it's true that they're dead some places (I'm skeptical that they are), if they're alive enough places they'll make the company money. And you don't need to look very far to see some place that interest in them lives--just read these comments.

Sun Feb 11 18 02:39pm
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Were are your sources that Amiibo is a fad that is dying off (hopefully not the same sources that say Pokemon GO is dead :p)? Sure it might not be as strong as it was when they first came out, but that doesn't mean they aren't selling (or else why would Nintendo keep making them). If anything it is the only toys to life that managed to be successfully today (ironically without an actual toys to life game for them).

Here in Ireland, Argos have stopped selling them long ago, Smyths likewise, they had a clearance sale and they are done with them. That just leaves Gamestop, they had a clearance sale as well. Now if you want any of the new amiibo, you've to pre-order well in advance, they only do it for certain one's. If you want any in Europe, there's very few options, you've to be quick on Nintendo's store website or Amazon.

Sun Feb 11 18 07:16pm
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Japan is not the place were they sell best at all. They still sell way better in America.
In fact, it's been a couple of Amiibo that I had to buy the Japanese version because they were insta-soldout in America, and second-hand (AKA scalper) market was way over priced at around double or triple the price.

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