A Hat in Time dev officially says the game isn't coming to Switch

There's been some back-and-forth on this situation, but now we have a very clear-cut answer. As you can see in the Tweet above, it's clear that A Hat in Time is not going to come to Switch. Looks like the door has been officially closed on this one. If you want to experience the game, you'll have to grab it for another platform.

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I don't really like how they shot down someone disappointed by this announcement by then saying "well the game sold 10 times its Kicksstarter budget so not like we need the sales." That sounds needlessly arrogant, and makes me go "but yet you were willing to spend the money to port it to the PS4 so what the hell is wrong with porting it to the Switch?"

psi wind
Sun Feb 11 18 02:54pm
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Disappointing, but understandable. They'd have to rewrite the entire game from scratch as the Switch (for some stupid reason) doesn't support the Unreal Engine 3.

Edit: And just incase anyone brings up Panic Button getting Rocket League on Switch, GFB would have to pay for the porting job and they may not have enough money for PB

I'd say it's a worthwhile effort, specially for a platformer.
Outlast devs are doing it.

Sun Feb 11 18 04:18pm
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Epic Games doesnt even support UE3 anymore. Its officially a legacy engine with no official support.

Sun Feb 11 18 02:56pm
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The game kinda came and went and only had moderate success(taken into account its development time). Considering how many indies game are doing much better on the Switch than in other platforms, it would probably sell pretty good (especially since its a 3D platformer). Its understandable if they don't have the funding for the port, but otherwise its their loss if they have the means but don't want to put it on the system.

Edit: Forgot about the UE 3 thing. Technically they probably can get it running on the Switch, but it probably isn't worth the time and investment in the long run.

Sun Feb 11 18 03:05pm
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Meh. Was never interested in it to begin with. I have a PS4 but wasn’t gonna get a Hat in Time anyway.

bad move. they could have gotten more money from gamers.

I don't really like how they shot down someone disappointed by this announcement by then saying "well the game sold 10 times its Kicksstarter budget so not like we need the sales." That sounds needlessly arrogant, and makes me go "but yet you were willing to spend the money to port it to the PS4 so what the hell is wrong with porting it to the Switch?"

It's because of the fact that they had PS4/XB1 in mind from the getgo and adding the switch on top of that when they also have to update those versions with future updates and get ready for their next game would be stupid. UE3 isn't like UE4 on the Switch, and I doubt they'll pay to hire anyone to make a late port at this time when it wouldn't be worth it.

Of course from what I gather, they might have been able to try and have it work out if Nintendo gave them a dev kit pre-switch launch, but it was no guarantee. They have one now, but it seems like it'll be used for a future title instead of for this game due to the timing.

Porting's all about timing. If you're held back by a lot of other things and don't really have to owe anyone the game (it wasn't a kickstarter goal for a Nintendo system) then why bother taking a risk if you already made your money? Nintendo fans tend to be very selfish when it comes to ports on the switch, and sadly it seems a lot of them simply don't know that 90% of late ports = risky disasters.

Source? I checked the Twitter thread but didn't see that

It really was a perfect match though. Too bad :/

Sun Feb 11 18 05:10pm
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Poorly done!

I hope that they'll think better of how they responded.
Not bringing it to Nintendo platforms is fine, but don't get arrogant!

Oh, and remove the word "GameCube" from your Twitter page.
No love letter to the GameCube would use Nintendo's platform name in it's marketing copy, and then not be on a Nintendo platform and then treat people as ridiculous for asking.

They answered stupidly, regardless of how good a game it is or how well it's done, that's no reason to respond like an arrogant jerk.
I hope they'll fix their reply.

When people are constantly spamming and being jerks to them about it, then yeah I think being arrogant is a worthy response to such childish behavior. I'd lose my shit if I was working for that account and nintendo fans refused to listen to reasoning and thought the world owed everything to them, despite explaining how dev time and using an old engine would make it a stupid risk not worth taking when the game's done well.

Lmao, they use the love of Nintendo 3D platformers to get it funded and then not even bring it to any of their platforms. Their arrogance is their loss!

That's another thing that bugs the crap out of me.

"Hey we made this game that's a love letter to Nintendo games we loved on the Gamecube!"

Nintendo fans: "Yay, we'd love to play it!"

"Well then get a PC or a PS4 because you ain't getting it."

Nintendo fans: "The hell dude?"

Feh. Why'd they bother getting a Switch development kit then?

Whatever. I don't understand game development and such, but that's potentially a LOT of money they're letting slip through their fingers.

Sun Feb 11 18 11:58pm
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I dont get why people want the console version of the game. Clearly the PC version is the most definitive one as it supports mods and a good chunk of them will probably prompt Nintendo to do a takedown if it weren't for steam supporting it.

It also doesn't help that it already has faced tough competition against Super Mario Odyssey. Releasing it on the switch would just make it sell worse than what it has done as of now.

As for those bashing at them for this decision...darlings..do you understand how long this game went into development? Do you understand that there are a lot of people who still don't have the switch yet? Odyssey may be amazing and a game that I badly want to play but it's not like others can get their hands on it. This is a game that like the former has a lot of love and care put into it. Being bummed out that it's being ported to the switch but instead on PS4 is just unfair because by that logic, you should all be bummed out that tons of Nintendo games are stuck in their systems only.

Instead just be happy that a game like a Hat in time showed up because if the game does well, we can see more 3d platformers happening which is something that only Mario seems to be doing.

This dev does not know how to do PR, does he. This is gonna bite him in the ass sooner or later.

Mon Feb 12 18 11:30am
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I mean damn if you give a vague answer and damn if you give a concrete one. Twitter in the end is a hornet's nest. So few characters producing serious stings.

The fact that the game is not coming to the Switch may be disappointing, but it is the developers decision. The way it has been handled (both by the developer and the gaming community) leaves something to be desired.

Maybe a better approach for the developer would have been to post a message on the website, explain the situation, and then ignore the question or reference the website.

Also, didn't this game come out like 3-1/2 years after the original, Kickstarter estimate?


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