Blizzard says no plans for Hearthstone on Switch

For awhile now, there have been some rumors floating around about Hearthstone coming to Switch. There's also been a ton of interest from Switch owners. You'd think that Blizzard might be interested in making a port happen, considering how Switch seems like a great platform for the game. Sadly it doesn't seem destined to happen. Blizzard's Dean Ayala, in an interview with PowerUp-Gaming, flat-out said there are no plans for the game on Switch

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Well that's a dumb decision. A game like this seems best on Switch. It's a disservice to themselves (leaving cash on the table) and to gamers.

Mon Feb 12 18 10:23am
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Namely they just don't have much of a "console team" in their studios. The Diablo 3 team was split to approach their ports. This damaged their consistency. And with very small mobile team keeping updates parallel to the PC client. I feel like Blizz just doesn't desire to attempt their personal updates on Switch when their is just too much red tape to do so.

At least you two have a lot more intelligent reasons than most people I've seen! :D


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