Square-Enix says Switch is a "very attractive" platform, multiple internal devs looking to make Switch games

Square-Enix was with the Switch from the start, and they have plans for big support down the road. In an interview with EDGE, Square Enix president and CEO Yosuke Matsuda talked about the company's experience with Switch so far, and the interest from employees to make Switch games.

“They (our eShop titles) haven’t done badly! Obviously it only came out last March, so it hasn’t been long, but of all the publishers who are working on Switch we’ve done quite a few things. It’s a very attractive platform – there are a lot of people within the company that are looking to make games for Switch.”

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Mon Feb 12 18 03:59pm
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FF6 remake. Switch exclusive, of course. Let the servers mealt from all the salt.

Let Project Octopath Traveller team do it.

Now THAT would be some serious nerdgasm stuff.

Five bucks say the international people are the entirety of RPG Factory.

I'll take that bet. Because the name of the studio is Tokyo RPG Factory.

I said the people, which means unless they are all Japanese it's still technically international. :P

Are some of those people from the KH/FF team? They haven't done crap on Nintendo in years.

Knowing Square does love themselves money, it's be foolish to not remotely consider porting FF7. Just the sheer identity being the "one that left" the N64, and picking up where they left off would probably give the Switch the nostalgic sales that it may even contend Sony's fan base for the series sale for sale.

If they can't do FFXV or XIV, I wouldn't mind the ports of FFX/X-2/XII for starters. I'm not exactly sure how they would handle a potential FF7 remake port considering they announced ages ago that it would come to Playstation first. Are they still doing that episodic nonsense? By the time the project is wholly complete, we'll probably be in the middle of the PS5 generation.

Mon Feb 12 18 05:58pm
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Hell, porting over FFX HD twin pack and World of FF would been a no-brainer to at least gain presence and momentum within the console. So far we got RPG Factory devoted on the system with a 10-year old port. At least the former I listed would be mildly current considering the time they launched on the PS4.

How about Kingdom Hearts 1.5 + 2.5? How about bringing Final Fantasy XIV over to Switch? Final Fantasy XV? World of Final Fantasy? I know you can't snap your fingers and have a game ported to a new platform but you have a treasure trove of games that are certain to sell and it seems like you're just sitting on them,

Still waiting on them to announce FF16 as a Switch exclusive, calling in Monolith Soft and Grezzo, maybe even Mistwalker if Final Fantasy Creator Hironobu Sakaguchi hasn't washed his hands of the series entirely, and make a game that recaptures the wonder of FF6 while upgrading everything to today's technology.

'Til then, SqEx's words are just words.

Yeah, right. they aren't going to make Final Fantasy XV because they knew that it is not powerful enough. And they arent going to badmouth it because they dont admit it.

Here's what I want from you Square Enix.

Remake your classic Final Fantasy games (1-6) with Project Octopath's artstyle. Release the FF7 remake for Switch. Re-release the KH Remixes or Switch in preparation for releasing KH3 on Switch.

Bringing the Secret Of Mana Remake and a Bravely Default HD collection to Switch would also be amazing too. Switch is already a dream platform, but these things would make it perfect imo.

The problem with FXIV is it's an online RPG... I mean I'd have no complaints about it.. But I see no real reason to bring it over. Final Fantasy XV I would agree with. However the Luminous engine is apparently crap, so much crap that they don't seem to be able to make another game on it. (I believe they stated that XV would be the only one to use it). So I wouldn't expect it sadly.

Re-release the KH Remixes on Switch in preparation for their port of KH3.

Release FFVII Remake for the aforementioned 'return to whence they left off' marketing point. Mainline FFs need never leave Nintendo ever again.

Tue Feb 13 18 02:25am
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How about Chrono trigger remake?

If it's a remake, they should go for an Octopath Traveler sort of style instead of the terrible look of the Secret of Mana remake. Alternatively they could go for a realistic FF XV look, but let's be honest, there's no way Square Enix would go through that much effort for a remake of a non-FF game.

I really like RPGs, but somehow the RPGs from Square Enix never really appealed much to me, so I don't think there is much that I'd like to see from them...

If by 'internal devs' they also mean Taito, ... here, have two words of advice.

Groove. COASTER.

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