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Mon Feb 12 18 06:12pm
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Really cringey video.

"As a Call of Duty fan..."
"I forgot which one Treyarch did..."
"we've seen Switch versions of Call of Duty before, and they're kind of embarassing"
- Bundle the game with a pro controller because playing with the joycons wouldn't be fun

Wow, that blue haired chick is just embarrassing to listen to.

Tue Feb 13 18 09:04am
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I listen to this podcast weekly and it's definitely one of the best out there. Love those guys, especially Peer and Brian. I strongly disagree with Brian about how the Switch version should just be an offline experience, just because multiplayer wouldn't work well on the go. That is a really dumb take because obviously the Switch can be played at home as well so online multiplayer on par with the other releases is an absolute MUST. The only reason anyone would buy a Switch COD is online multiplayer, regardless of how much smaller the online community is. The Wii U got 2 Call of Dutys and both still have active online communities.

The only reason anyone would buy a Switch COD is online multiplayer

And motion aiming. Some people that stuck to the Wii versions all the way until the online was shut down was because they liked aiming with the wiimote.

You're right, there is a very vocal group of people who think the Wii controls were better than using a traditional controller. I aint one of those people lol

Can the two sides coexist, or would one of those disappear?

I think in the Nintendo side of things they'll keep pushing until there hardware stops using it.


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