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Like many artists, they took what came before and improved upon it, modernized it, and turned it into something completely new. Boxy frames gave way to smooth curves. Figures that were in straight lines were duplicated and placed diagonally. New features were added to the top, bringing a whole new dimension to the piece. All to give the viewer, the consumer, the gamer, a fuller, more robust sense of control. Because that's what art is: control.

Create the ultimate tribute to one of the greatest pieces of gaming history with this Super Nintendo Controller Wall Art Set. Three framed art pieces that, when hung side by side, form the image of the SNES controller. With a distressed canvas look presented in monochrome purple tone, it will instantly turn your game room into a museum for gaming history.

Product Specifications

Super Nintendo Controller Wall Art Set
Officially-licensed Nintendo merchandise
Set of three framed art images, each a vintage distressed image of one third of the Super Nintendo controller
Together the three pieces form a triptych of the the controller
Materials: Printed on chipboard with wood frame
Metal wall hanger on the back of each piece
Dimensions: 19" tall x 13" wide with 1 1/4" wide frames (each)

Grab yours here (thanks NintendoWiiBoy!)

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Only $25? I'm hanging this in my basement recording studio. Thanks for posting!

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