Nintendo president interested in VR, but hasn't found anything interesting to do with it yet

President Tatsumi Kimishima seems like he has some interest in VR tech. Before we jump the gun and say that Nintendo is working on something VR related, that doesn't seem to be the case. Kimishima clearly stated that Nintendo will only go after VR if they find something interesting to do, and they haven't found anything yet.

“I understand that VR is interesting as a technology and I am very interested in it ... I will use it if I can make interesting things with it ... we have not done anything interesting yet.”

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Tue Feb 13 18 04:58pm
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He hasn't thought of anything interesting...?

That is actually my main concern with VR and why I fear it could potentially go the way of motion controls.

Tue Feb 13 18 05:31pm
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You mean, Nintendo keeping on supporting it? When everyone else sees it doesn't print ALL the money? [joycons and first party games still support motion].

In some cases, it really is nice to have, though. In particular motion aiming

I actually don't mind. VR is pricey and I'd rather not have to feel like I need to make the purchase for something cool. Cheap cardboard though? I feel no hesitation in ignoring what they're doing there.

That's a healthy attitude towards Labo if you're not interested in it. My family is excited, you're not, and that's okay. People who think that if they personally don't want it, it shouldn't exist bug me. So do people who are "mad" at people for not being interested in everything they are.

Tue Feb 13 18 09:11pm
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Yeah, Labo isn't for me and that's ok. Now if it was the cornerstone of Nintendo's strategy going forward I'd be pretty upset. But like amiibo it's nice for people who want them and not the end of the world for those who want to skip it.

It's really a shame the Switch isn't more powerful or has a higher resolution. It would have been really cool to slide it into a visor and have low cost wireless VR.

It's nothing if they can't think of something really interestingly enough with it...

How about mario tennis 2?

Tue Feb 13 18 10:20pm
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Metroid VR. They should have done a Metroid for Wii U. The gamepad was screaming for it. But a Metroid VR could be kinda cool.

But I do think they (Nintendo) could be creative enough and make new IPs like Wii Sports, just deeper experiences in VR or AR.

The main missed opportunity was not making a Pokemon Snap for the Wii U.

Not a Pokefan, but I do get your point. Still think the scanning with the gamepad on the U would be PERFECT for a 3D Metroid though.

I hardly played the original Pokémon Snap, but I would've loved that. The Gamepad definitely would've made it incredibly immersive, and it seems ideal for it

Again...vr is too expensive for now. And until the price drops, it's not worth it for a lot of us.


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