Capcom's president knows fans want Monster Hunter World on Switch, but still no plans to do so

We've heard from Capcom a few times about Monster Hunter World not coming to Switch. No matter how much fans want it, it doesn't seem destined to happen. The latest comments come from Capcom President Haruhiro Tsujimoto, and while he knows demand is out there, the port isn't happening.

“We recognize that there is such demand. However, considering various conditions, now it is difficult to put out Monster Hunter World for the Switch. The Switch is different from other stationary machines both in functions and users. Each game machine has its own characteristics, and our software makers need to make software adapted to it. How to adapt game titles possessed by our company, including Monster Hunter, is to be studied in the future.”


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This. Christ.

Just how thick can Crapcom be?

This is just my theory, but I think Capcom doesn't want to localize XX since it could make World lose sales or something like that...

light wolf
Wed Feb 14 18 12:20am
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As much as I want XX localized, I don't think it's enough substitute for World at this point. Yes, I want to play it, and yes, I'll probably love it, but I want a true Fifth Gen MH game for the Switch eventually.

It's true that the game is designed in such a way that it's not a 1:1 fit for a portable device (it's very much designed around always being online). I suspect that they are going to do a Switch game in the 5th generation of Monster Hunter, but it will be its own entry with a different overall setup.

this is the most disgusting videogame company out there.

I feel like EA and Capcom try to one-up each other every week though as to who can be worse...

I think that is a bit much. I mean Capcom still makes great games, but their support of Switch is suspect. Everything they have put on it has sold well or above expectations. So why arn't they putting more money into the system?

At least Mega Man 11 is coming which WILL sell the best on Switch without question. IMO they shouldn't bother releasing it on Xbox or PS4. Save the money on the development costs and just release it on Switch and PC.

I imagine they will make up all development costs for those platforms through sales of the game itself.

Not even close. Capcom makes some stupid decisions sometimes, but they're far from the worst. I'd say that "honor" would have to go to EA, Ubisoft, or Konami.

EA could be seen as the "enemy" for all of gaming, both for gamers and other publishers/developers. Thanks to their greed and how poorly they handled loot boxes in Star Wars Battlefront 2, it's led to governments around the world looking into pushing laws to regulate anything that could be considered "gambling" in video games. While I am no fan of random chance for virtual items that cost real money, we really don't want governments to further regulate the industry. Of course, if the ESA was doing its job, and making sure publishers don't screw up like this, this wouldn't have happened.
Furthermore, EA has purchased about 40 companies, gutting and shuttering many of them in the process. There had also been several reports in the past of their extreme working conditions during crunch time (I recall the "EA Spouse" blog from several years ago bringing light to this).

Ubisoft's main offense is probably shipping out buggy, broken games, even if they're sequels to their biggest franchises (see the invisible faces bug in a recent Assassin's Creed game). Many of which get fixed much later, or never at all. Aside from that, I can't think of anything wrong with Ubisoft (I could be forgetting something, though).

And Konami... Hoo, first would be their plans to exit console game development in favor of making just pachinko machines (which they backed out of).
Though, the big thing with them is how unethical they've been treating Hideo Kojima and other former employees. They prevented Kojima from going to an award show, even though he should've been there to accept an award. They tell other publishers to blacklist ex-Konami employees. One of their board members also works for the org that handles company insurance in Japan, and has purposely been making it difficult for Kojima to get insurance for his new company.
This video should provide some more information on Konami:

Capcom made many weird decisions that goes under the term disgusting, but nothing here is disgusting. They celebrate a huge success with World right now and they shipped 6 million copies so far worldwide and all in all the game gave the PlayStation 4 a reason to exist in japan.

They worked for many years on World It looks beautiful, really. Who wants to see a heavily downgraded port for the Switch? Just let it be, this is a game for powerful systems. Instead they should present something exclusive for the Switch too within the Monster Hunter Franchise.

I actually DON'T want Monster Hunter World. I want something different.

Guess people still can't understand that Worlds is way too big of a game to fit on the tiny Switch. For this game to be ported, heavy cuts have to be made, and that takes a crapload of time. Also, the always online component can hinder the experience if you aren't in constant connection when playing outside. It just won't work...

I think is more related to the design of the game that the tech. MH:W was designed for static consoles and the PC because of the network connectivity. Switch is a dynamic console so the game would not work that well. Add to that that the Switch online service is not out yet

Except that's not what he said. He said it's "difficult", not impossible. "Difficult" suggests that with enough will and work, it could be achieved. And that's what annoys people, considering Capcom apparently can't even be bothered the comparatively effortless task of localizing Monster Hunter XX. And yes, it might take a crapload fo time. But I (and others) would be willing to wait if the end product was worth it.

> effortless task of localizing
Just... wow. Localizing is far from an "effortless task".

Hence my use of the term "comparatively".

As much as I love my Switch, it's obvious that it can't handle such a game. MH:W was not designed with Switch n mind, And that is A OK for me. It just shows that diversity in consoles/PC is a good thing. Switch owners get other games that will never fit on PS4OnePC.

Note: I have a bad ass fever just now, so I might be a bit of, but I tried.

P.S: My XO needs to de-dust, and MH:W will do the trick, I guess.

P.S2: I need GodHAnd for my PS2

P.S3: DB Warrior Z would work on Switch.....

hey, capcom dude, if you are thinking of ways to make it up to switch owners, remember that XX has a final boss that does this.

aurora unit
Wed Feb 14 18 02:54am
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What makes his claims slightly infuriating is the fact that the Switch didn't just drop out of the sky. It was announced some time ago and released last year. Therefore, "how to adapt game titles possessed by our company, including Monster Hunter" is not to be studied in the future but should have been studied sometime in the past already.

After having finally broken down and gotten this on my PS4, I can say I agree and disagree with people in the comments here. One, no I don't think the Switch is capable of running Worlds as is. My regular PS4 has a bit of a time running it sometimes, and in most cases I have to turn my TV volume way up to hear the game because the system fan is going FULL blast to keep the PS4 cool. I disagree on the "online always" reason though...as if you go offline the game continues playing JUST FINE. The only drawback to offline play is its single player only...you can't use SOS flares to call in help. So no, that's not a reason this couldn't be on Switch...as you could play the game just fine solo when mobile...or probably hook up in local multiplayer with multiple Switches as many other games do. The problem with putting World on Switch is graphical fidelity...plain and simple...as far as I am concerned. The Switch in its current form just couldn't support it without some major cutbacks in graphics...and that would make it very tough to get around, I think. It can already be hard enough seeing through the dense foliage in places like the Ancient Forest...without having to add downgraded textures and such on top of that. I love my Switch...and I'd be VERY happy to see XX brought over and I'd grab that up too...but I just don't think it could handle World and all of the changes its brought to the game graphically.

Just forget about World, it's never going to happen unless the Switch gets a more powerful revision. It's as much Nintendo's fault anyway for making weak hardware. Again! As for MHXX, Capcom have no excuse for not localising it.

Wed Feb 14 18 05:30am
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so much "we are aware of the demand but we can't do much" news recently...

but the console sells like hot cakes right?

Honestly, the game barely runs on PS4 and XBOne. It dips below 30 often on both of those. There's no way it would run on Switch. If it ran at a steady 60 on those, I'd say we have a shot at seeing it on Switch at 30fps with some graphical downgrades. The way it is now, there's no way.

We'll most likely get Monster Hunter World on the Switch's successor.

I'm predicting World G or whatever they might call the not-a-sequel update to MHWorld, on Switch.

By the end of 2019.

Yes, all licences have their pros and cons for being on this or that platform and it just so happens that Monster Hunter is actually a better on Switch. SO by this man's logic, World should not even be on the ps4.

Also don't bother with XX, it's a 3ds game and a remake of a game we have all played already, and I absolutely don't want third parties to think the switch is a 3ds port machine. FE Warriors is already not half as good as it should have been because of that.

I think they are going to make a brand new Monster Hunter specifically for the Switch and I'm totally ok with that.

ah yes, the "wii version"

nope..been there done that sorry

give it one year and a half.

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