Splatoon 2 - Love Vs. Money official Splatfest art

Team Love all the way, no doubt about it. I always struggle which side of the Splatfest I want to fight for, but not this time. Money is great and I'd like more of it, but you can't beat love. Love might not pay the bills, but it can keep you motivated!

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Games: Splatoon 2


Wed Feb 14 18 04:06pm
Rating: 1

#TeamLove LOVE WINS!

Money doesn’t make you a winner or make you happy.

Team Love Marina all the way!

Wed Feb 14 18 05:09pm
Rating: 1

I LOVE the game, but I needed MONEY to purchase it. And you Americans thought we Europeans were in a pickle, eh?

*Runs of to be an asshole and changes toilet paper back to backwards*

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