EU copies of Bayonetta 2 include a reversible cover for Bayonetta

I'm not quite sure Nintendo doesn't trumpet this kind of thing more, as I know a lot of people really appreciate it. As you can see, the EU version of Bayonetta 2 is hiding a reversible cover on the side of the box, featuring art for Bayonetta. Now the hard part is deciding which version you want to display!


It doesn't change the fact that Bayonetta is still only available as a download code in Europe and the US. They've skimped on cartridge cost and this in no way makes up for it.

Easy... Why not both? You cut it in two, flip one half around, tape it back together. Voila! :D

That... might be crazy enough to work if you're precise enough to do it

Eh, I know, I was totally serious here. :3
If American version is like that, that's what I'm doing.

Wait, a Bayo 1 code is included in the Bayo 2 retail release? Then why would I spend money on the downloadable versions? OR the Limited Edition?

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