Suda51 shows off new weapon and enemy designs for Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes

Remember a few days back when we told you a Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes live-stream event was happening? While no gameplay footage was shown, we finally have details on what Suda51 talked about. You can also see some weapon and enemy artwork Suda51 showed off above.

- the gun is called the ‘Golden Gun’, which is used to kill demons by an unannounced character
- the character appears in a game-within-a-game that has a modern setting
- the gun is similar to the one that appears in Killer7
- he also showed a ‘Demon Spear’, the design of which was literally sent to him the day of the livestream
- this appears in the 6th (and final) game-within-a-game, and also the opening movie of the game
- an enemy design was also teased, with the enemy using a beam ‘kamehameha’ attack
- the attack is done from a pair of hands that appear from the mouth of the enemy
- in one in-game setting, there is a game that is about a ‘game-within-a-game’.

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Wed Feb 14 18 05:34pm
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This game is going to be batshit crazy. Can't wait!

Personally I can not imagine not having a Switch just now. I do, of course , have other consoles for their qualities, but it would be empty without the Switch.

Yeah! This game will kick some serious ass Smile

Did he specifically say the gun was similar to one in Killer7? Don't get too excited, Fish...

there is a game that is about a ‘game-within-a-game’

We have to go deeper!

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