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Wed Feb 14 18 11:25pm
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That second picture... First thought: Wait, that's camo, why are they tagging this as Mario? *Look closer* Ooooh!

Yeah, that's definitely very cool. It's something you don't see until you look closer, but about anyone who sees it for the first time will dismiss it as just regular camo.

Perfect for if you want to represent Nintendo, but don't want anyone but geeks to find out about your geek style. =P
Hey, maybe this'll be the secret masking tape that Nintendo fans know but non-Nintendo fans don't, like some kind of secret code between fans. We'd give each other a nod of approval as we pass each other on the street.

(Not that I would cover anything I wear in masking tape...)

Thu Feb 15 18 04:52am
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You mean you aren't getting the cardboard pants Nintendo Labo kit?

It's a tempting product, for sure, but sadly I am more a denim kind of guy

I'd do it if it was duct tape. :P

I think the prices of all the Labo stuff are fair. But these two tapes should cost around 5 Euro/Dollar, i think (500 Yen?). That's too much for me. 5 tapes for 5 Euro/Dollar would be okay.

I actually just want that Boo and Bullet Bill masking tape. Not really all too interested in Labo.

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