Nintendo Labo - Japanese My Nintendo Store selling packages with download codes

NCL has announced that they will be selling Nintendo Labo packages with a download code. This will be exclusively done through the My Nintendo Store in Japan. The game won't be downloadable in the Nintendo eShop, so this is your only way now to snag a rare digital version. The Variety Kit costs 7538 yen, while the Robot Kit sets you back 8618 yen.

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As long as you can get the cart version too, that's good for them. However, I was thinking they should let you buy each of the variety pack item separately with seperate download codes included.

And they are missing a golden opportunity to have them come, not with a boring code, but with a 3-d raised (or more cheaply, cut-out) cardboard QR-type insert. This would (1.) be faster than typing in a code (2.) work without the switch having a normal camera (3.) be aesthetically consistent & cute (4.) actually be of possible use to confused switch owning parents that somehow don't have completely working joy-cons. And yes, there are many of reasons I can list why they might not. Needing to use the IR camera first thing would show them where it is and make sure it's working.

All of my Switch games are digital. I hope that Nintendo provides us with a way to download Labo digitally in the US as well.

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