Manticore: Galaxy on Fire dev talks resolution and framerate, no microtransactions, content, and more

The lead designer of Manticore: Galaxy on Fire dropped by Reddit to chat with some of the Switch owners interested in the game. He dropped a bunch of details on the project, which we've shared below.

1.) Full premium experience without any sign of micro transactions, focusing on the narrative driven story campaign

2.) Challenging missions laid out across a story campaign that’s divided into 3 Acts

3.) Exclusive new Game content added with Act 3: 6 additional locations, 5 story missions and 3 “distraction” missions

4.) Completely reworked upgrade system that’s tied to your story progression

5.) 1080p/60 fps docked, 720p/60fps handheld mode, which looks and plays rad

6.) More open game structure, meaning you can jump from one location to another via wormholes, access the galaxy map during gameplay, fly to the Manticore (your mothership) to change equipment etc.

7.) Seamless transition to exploration mode after you’ve beaten a mission in that location

8.) Intuitive User Interface purpose built for the Nintendo Switch including in-game HUD, navigation in the hangar, galaxy map, mission overview, player profile etc.

9.) Reworked controls that work naturally with the Joy-Cons/Pro Controller

10.) Utilisation of Switch-specific features like HD rumble and accelerometer

11.) 3 different difficulty levels selectable in the main menu and anytime during gameplay

12.) Capture and share cool screenshots via the Switch’s capture function

13.) Additional options like active/passive auto alignment of your ship and aim assist

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