BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle - Japanese DLC pricing details (UPDATE - North American pricing)

There's been quite a lot of talk surrounding Arc System Works' plans for paid DLC in BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle. Now we finally have some information on what the DLC will actually cost, at least when it comes Japan. You can get full details below.

- 6264 yen Package Version
- 5800 yen Download Version
- 7800 yen Download Version + All DLC
- 2400 yen All DLC pack
- 600 yen per Character Set, three characters per set, 6 sets total.

This would mean it would cost roughly $30 for the entire DLC roster when purchased separately, or $20 for the season pass.

UPDATE - We now have the North American pricing.

Retail: $49.99 (Physical & Digital)
Cross Tag Character Packs (3 characters each, 6 in total): $4.99 each
Cross Tag Character Collection (Characters Packs 1-6): $19.99
Deluxe Digital Edition (main game & Cross Tag Character Pack 1-6): $69.99
Cross Tag Character Pack 1 available for download free at launch (first two weeks only)

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I'll allow it.... if it was actual content being worked on after the game went Gold.

Now that we have pricing for NA. 70 is a great price for the complete version, no complaints from me.

They really should've been clear about this from the beginning. $70 for the game and all DLC characters really isn't that bad.

But when you announce a roster of 20, and then another 20 DLC characters, without any context behind it, it looks really reeeaaally bad.

This is Arc, so I will wait until the inevitable complete edition happens. I'd rather wait than be shafted with a product this incomplete at launch.

^This, basically. If i end up buying this game, i'll do it when they launch a complete edition, but never before that.

I'll bite! 70 for a complete package is reasonable!

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