Nintendo considered letting players control the weather in Zelda: Breath of the Wild

Ever been out and about in Zelda: Breath of the Wild, and find yourself stimeyed by bad weather? You're just trying to climb up a sheer cliff and a store comes and you're forced to hold off until better weather. It might be a bit frustrating at times, but it helps make the game world feel like a living, breathing universe.

Believe it or not, there was a point during development of Breath of the Wild where the dev team considered giving control of the weather to players. This tidbit was shared by director Hidemaro Fujibayashi in an interview with Game Informer.

“Initially we did consider giving players control of the weather, but realized not being able to control it is much more fun. Controlling it wasn’t really fitting in this game. In Ocarina of Time, you were in places that were just sunny or raining. That was the way the players were able to control that. Adding in the weather control would have increased the number of variables in the world. It was more interesting to have Link against nature, not controlling it. That ended up being more natural and fun.”


Sat Feb 17 18 06:39am
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“Initially we did consider giving players control of the weather, but realized not being able to control it is much more fun"

I'm guessing no one in development ever got stuck on a ledge or wall in a perilous climb and had to just sit there til the fucking rain stops to actually keep playing.

The rain is this game's way of saying "You've been playing quite some time, you should consider a pause."

I think a better solution to rain causing frustration when climbing would be to have some gear that allowed you to climb in the rain. Maybe have it be an upgraded ability of the existing climbing gear.

Personally I haven’t been bothered much by rain. Being able to control the weather would just have ended up with players never experiencing anything other than clear skies.

The only serious flaw of the game is the excessive rain: it didn't need to be that frequent or it didn't need to be that punishing when climbing (it could have been more difficult and not almost impossible). You can make a campfire to wait but not always since you need a shelter.

Yeah, you could get nowhere in the rain. For example, you climbed 3m then slid back 3m. Where it should have been something like, climb 3m slide back 1m - 1.5m.

Or maybe you should have been able to create a makeshift shelter with leaves and sticks.

I think they made the right decision overall, though if it had been allowed it could have used for things like puzzle solving, e.g. make it rain to fill a well, or place a metal weapon on an old machine, have lightning strike it to bring it back to life.

Sat Feb 17 18 07:50am
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Give us BOTW: Battle Royale Nintendo. So much potential.

I never realised how cool that would actually be!

just a little tweaks, and its good to go. It would be a perfect match.

Very happy about this. Would ruin the immersion. It's like not supposed to be to easy to battle it out with nature.

I was hoping to get a musical device that would let me play the Song of Storms backwards or something to get rid of rain. :P

Seriously though, the rain was kind of a pain in the ass. I'm all for it making it less desirable to climb, but instead of making it frustrating... It should've just used more stamina but not have you constantly slide down.

Sat Feb 17 18 10:43am
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Climbing in the rain is something that is annoying, but depending on when you are in the game, countermeasures besides just waiting open up.

1) If you're not in the complete open, you could look for walls with cliffs/slabs/steps jutting about above. The rain shouldn't be able to get to you if what's above juts out enough. Then it's just a matter of starting climbing looking for non-rain soaked climbing paths to continue up.

2) If you're not in the complete open, but need to pass the rain by, you can look for walls with cliffs/slabs/steps/boulders jutting out. Then you can just throw down some wood and light it on fire with something. Pass as much time as you need.


4) If you have to climb in the rain, either hope your path is a short one or pack as much stamina as you can get. Then it's just a matter of pacing yourself.

When climbing in the rain, Link has a 5 count. He can climb up 4 paces and on the fifth, rain will knock Link down roughly 2 counts. So do his jump on the 4th pace, but when he catches the wall, Link will slide back down 2 counts and then resuming climb for another 4 paces... You get where I'm going with this, right?

Ah yes, the most annoying occurence whilst climbing, stores comming arround.

The only bad weather effect I has had is when the lightning hit one of the tree in a ”3 Apple tree” korok puzzle, so I can’t do the puzzle!


I agree. I admit that rain was annoying at times, and yes, I would have added a "climb in the rain" gear, but the weather really added to the immersion and made the world feel alive. I think this is one of the things were they can keep improving in future games.

Controlling the weather isn't really needed. What is needed and what they should have done is simply make it so you don't slip when wearing all the pieces of climbing gear.

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