Nintendo makes FastCompany's "World's Most Innovative Companies"

Nintendo has grabbed themselves yet another award. The Big N was included on FastCompany's top 50 list for the World's Most Innovative Companies. This list includes companies from all different industries, which Apple taking the #1 spot. Nintendo came in at #18, but also managed to take the top spot in FastCompany's Most Innovative Game Companies list.

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Tue Feb 20 18 07:59pm
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In no way does Apple deserve the top spot in 2017/18. It hasn't done anything particularly interesting at all since Jobs died. Nintendo totally deserves to be on there though, and imo higher than it is.

Tue Feb 20 18 08:05pm
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Worthless list. There must be more innovation than apple? What about hyperloop or some med tech company? Apple made the iphone X? It had face recognition which can make animals tak. Nothing else innovative...

The reason Apple is #1 is because of the Apple Reality Distortion Field. The original iPhone was the most innovative thing Apple's done.

As much as I love Apple, how in the FRICK are they #1 on this list? What have they done innovative recently? Uhh nothing, unfortunately. I’m not familiar with this Apple distortion field, perhaps it was a big tech development that I’ve missed?

If you ask me, samsung is more innovative than apple.

Wed Feb 21 18 12:22am
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It's a term used to describe diehard Apple zealots who think Apple invented everything.

Now look, I'm not here to bash one's preferences. If you like iPhones or Macs, then whatever, that's cool man. You do you.

The thing is Apple is hardly what I call "innovative". What they're good at is iterating on the innovation of others and packaging it up nicely for the public to consume, with a very simple, not-intimidating interface.

Even with their latest, the iPhone X, hardly could be considered "innovative". Android phones have been pushing for the bezel-less screen before Apple (earliest I can recall is the Aquos Crystal by Sharp back in 2014, which had zero bezel on the top, left, and right sides). Facial recognition has been a feature of Android since 4.0 "Ice Cream Sandwich" (2011). It's not to say that the iPhone X isn't good at what it does, just that it's hard to honestly call it "innovative".

It's a term used to describe Apple since the early 80s. The idea works like this:

1.) Nintendo invents and markets the Switch. People think it's cool.
2.) Hypothetically in the future, Apple adds a means to attach game controllers to an iPad Mini. CNN, MSNBC, every tech journalist, the guy who sits in the cubical next to you go on and on about how innovative Apple is for literally inventing the idea of attaching game controllers to a tablet. No matter how much you point out that Nintendo did it first, it does not matter. Apple invented it.

Now, I'm not against people liking Apple, but I think Apple gets way more credit than they deserve. We can all acknowledge that Apple popularized the personal computer and invented the modern smart phone. I think those things are fantastic. But the idea that Apple in 2017 was more innovative than Nintendo is patently absurd.

Wed Feb 21 18 03:11am
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Welp so much for that list.

I've been an Apple user since the Mac SE30 days. Still use and prefer them today. However, the Apple of today is not the Apple of the scrappy days. They've become an iterative company.

Yeah I like Apple products but they haven’t innovated since the iPhone....so 11 years ago.

The entire list is mostly garbage.

Wed Feb 21 18 09:30am
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I'm glad everyone here is in agreement. Apple is a nice company, but realistically, they haven't done much to innovate. I feared to maybe see a lot of blind Apple praise or blind Apple hate, but glad to see everyone is being level-headed

I’ve been a long time Apple fan, but they’ve made poorer and poorer choices recently.

- removing 3.5mm jack from iPhone
- going USB-C ONLY on MacBooks
- removing the (fantastic) MagSafe power port in favour of USB-C on MacBooks
- removing TouchID in favour of FaceID
- buggier and buggier software on both iOS and MacOS

That coupled with their increasing pretentiousness touting “courage” and thinking they revolutionised a home speaker system makes me like them less and less.

That’s not to say the competition is any better to be honest.

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