Details on the patents Nintendo feels mobile company Colopl has infringed upon

Back in January, we shared news of Nintendo suing mobile company Colopl for supposedly infringing on 5 of the company's patents. Now we have more information on the patents Nintendo believes Colopl infringed upon. They include a patent for auto-attacking characters, a sleep mode confirmation screen, multiplayer connectivity, and player visibility when behind a wall or object. You can see more details of each patent here.

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I support Nintendo and all but it's completely stupid that some of these are patents.

Fri Feb 23 18 01:47am
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Sounds like very generic patents... how can someone own these things? Everyone uses it. Do they pay nintendo to use these”geatures”?

As somebody who makes games at home in his free time, stuff like this actually scares me. You never know if a feature you put in your game will result in a big company coming after you.

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