Japan - Rayman Legends: Definitive Edition first day sell-through in Japan

Did you know that the Rayman franchise isn't very popular in Japan? I honestly had no idea until right now, but apparently that's the case. Sadly, not even Rayman Legends: Definitive Edition on Switch could change that fact. The first day sell-through for the Switch title was just 10% of the initial shipment. While that may seem shockingly low, that figure is in-line with the series' sales in Japan.

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Honestly, I did know that. To be fair, all Western games have bombed in Japan, as have most 3rd party games, full stop. The only real exceptions have been Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle which is a collaboration, and then from the Japanese developers, the lazy Street Fighter 2 port and to a lesser degree, that Bomberman game.

Fri Feb 23 18 09:25pm
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Do you mean that just for Switch? Because on PS4 it's a different story. Western games like CoD, Battlefield and even GTA are gaining in popularity there compared to, say, 10 years ago. It'd be smart of Nintendo to get those games on Switch if at all possible.

Not forgetting Skyrim and Witcher 3. All these games gained also an Z-Rating by the CERO and they still sold pretty well.

Nintendo getting those games for Switch? Ha ha...no..just..no.

Rayman Legends sold like 2K copies on release on Wii U and even worse on PS3. I wouldn't say that about Switch 3rd parties. Plenty of titles have overperformed on Switch given what they are (late ports). A lot of the titles are simply unappealing or had historically low sales in JP,

DBXV2 has sold 121K according to Famitsu, 500K WW, and likely will outsell the PS4 version in JP if it hasn't already.

FIFA 18 has gotten to ~100K already and also might outsell the PS4 version in JP b/c it has legs.

Bomberman being over 150K is huge. Best selling bomberman game already since 2000.

Puyo Puyo was the 2nd best selling version of the game even though it was a super late port (only original 3ds version sold more).

I don't blame Japan honestly. Rayman Legends is the most overrated 2D platformer in recent memory. Game bores me to tears. Now if DKC: Tropical Freeze (THE best 2D platformer in a LONG time) comes out and performs like that then we gonna have some problems Japan. lol

That's interesting. Both are pretty high-paced platformers with a lot of attention to detail in the environment, so your contrasting opinion surprises me.

I just don't think the levels are that fun to run through, the music is also pretty lackluster IMO where as DKC: Tropical Freeze has an AMAZING soundtrack which makes running through the levels that much more enjoyable. Rayman Legends also has terrible murphy/touch screen levels which slows the game down. Also not a big fan of the character designs in Legends. The best part of Legends to me is the musical levels. But too bad their are only 10 and you have to play the whole world before you get to them. Also wasn't a big fan of Legends boss battles something Tropical Freeze did much better.

If their was a whole game with just rhythm based music levels I would buy that in a heart beat.

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