Starbreeze looking to update PAYDAY 2 with Switch Online App support for voice chat once Nintendo gives the go-ahead

PAYDAY 2 is one of those games where cooperation is absolute crucial to your success. In order to fully work with others, you need to talk to them. When it comes to PAYDAY 2 on Switch, there's no built-in voice chat option for players to use. Why didn't Starbreeze use Nintendo's Switch Online App to handle voice chat? Seems like they want to, but weren't allowed to yet.

“We are waiting to be able to participate in Nintendo’s VOIP app solution. As soon as we are given the go-ahead, this is definitely on our list to look into to update.”

If you're playing PAYDAY 2 on Switch, it looks like you'll have to use your own solution for voice chat. It seems that the Discord or Skype mobile apps are the best way to get this done.

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When the Switch payed online comes theyy better have a better solution. But from all te crap feedback they got I think we'll see a more conenient chat.

God this is sad. Nintendo are so on the ball with Switch in so many ways but once again they've proven themselves incompetent in the online space. Needing a go ahead to use a phone app for voice chat...that's not something that should ever be written in 2018, let alone any year...ever.

I really hope they just scrap everything, let you plug in a headset or use a Bluetooth headset and call it a day. Something tells me that's never going to happen.

I'm really hoping when Nintendo's paid online comes around that voice chat is elegantly integrated into games and doesn't rely on a smartphone app. And I'm hoping Nintendo blows us away with online stuff that other consoles have had but are finally on a Nintendo system. It's 2018, Nintendo really needs to get their online shit together. But knowing Nintendo and their history, set your expectations six feet below. At least one thing to look forward to is the monthly games or whatever. I just hope that doesn't replace the Virtual Console, if it does I'd be incredibly pissed (which as a side note: THE SWITCH IS THE PERFECT CONSOLE FOR VC, no longer do you have to buy both a handheld copy and console copy of the same game depending on where you want to play, but since we haven't seen the VC yet, nearly one year after launch, I feel like Nintendo's gonna even botch the VC service somehow.)

I love Nintendo, but man do they make it hard to love them sometimes. *shrugs*

Fri Feb 23 18 09:03pm
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Where are the apologists who kick and scream and insist voice chat isn't required ever under any circumstance? Obviously they've never played an online game with a friend. They probably lack friends, too.

Right? Options are a good thing. Xbox just added voice chat functionality to their mobile app so that you can join up with friends if you’re away from your console, on the way home, etc. and want to organize a playtime or just listen in.

Don't forget those who defend the lack of an achievement system on such stupid excuses such as "it inflates your ego" or "Nintendo fans have been fine without them, it's not needed". Some things just can't be defended sadly, and I have a feeling that the only reason the Switch online is so bad is because of some sort of legal nonsense stopping it in some random country that Nintendo didn't want to bother fixing with the system itself so they just connected it to a phone to avoid the hassle.

That's so strawman, you even admit to it in your first sentence

What are you talking about?

You are criticizing people who don't even exist. "Where are the apologists who kick and scream and insist voice chat isn't required ever under any circumstance?". I have seen people saying they don't need voice chat, but I have never seen anyone say nobody would ever require it under any circumstance. These people aren't here, so it's weird to criticize these non-existent people

Those people are rare, but I've read the odd comment from those who downright condemn the feature even to be included. It's weird and very rare, but I've seen it.

Sun Feb 25 18 06:08pm
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Hm, alright. I of course can't exactly speak about every single person on the internet. Good to hear it's rare, though

What year is it? Nintendo are so backwards in some regards.

One step forward, two steps back - The story on Nintendo's understanding of online.

They should have released it on the Wii U instead...

Given the success of the Switch, it is really sad to see the system held back in such a big way a year into it's life. I would really love to know the behind the scenes details on Nintendo's struggle with online infrastructure and features over the years. It has not been pretty and I wonder if the partnership with DeNA was supposed to improve things in this area?

I really just think it's Nintendo going out of their way to be different. Feels like they're just saying "wouldn't this be cool and novel?" and pushing ahead with it instead of considering how practical it actually is (Wii Speak comes to mind). Or they decided to make an online app as a companion for games to show game info when you're not playing (which is cool) but then went all in and made it necessary for voice chat.

Strange to see considering Wii U had an elegant enough system of just plugging a headset into the GamePad and being good to go...

God the Switch's online is EMBARASSING! The fact that we have had to wait a YEAR and A HALF after launch for an online service is daft to begin with. I'm tired of the "BUT NINTENDO WAS WORKING ON GAMES FOR YEAR ONE THEY COULDN'T POSSIBLY WORK ON ONLINE AND VIRTUAL CONSOLE AT THE SAME TIME!" which I call bullshit on as I'm sure Nintendo has teams dedicated to games and another team dedicated to OS/Online development.

God I love all the fake arguments people post on here. Yes! This article is finally proof that a bunch of people who didn’t say a bunch of stuff are wrong!!!!

Anyway, more on topic, there’s is no excuse for this. If Nintendo wants to use an app for voice chat, fine. People don’t like it, but that’s the way it was decided to be done. But to not give the go ahead for 3rd Parties to utilize it? Just seems asinine.

Hopefully it’s because they’re going back to the drawing board for those who want to see a different set up.

Sun Feb 25 18 03:42pm
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So many people love to criticize Nintendo, but have people ever heard of patents? You can easily say "Nintendo, just make your own Xbox Live!" What happens if they do?


"Oh, well Nintendo can get a license from Microsoft."

Yes, let's pay a competitor to use their tech and drive up Nintendo's own prices as a result.


Shush. America is a lawsuit heavy nation. You have to be EXTREMELY CAREFUL about the products you make or utilize unless you become a target of infringement lawsuits.

If Nintendo beefed the Switch's online to match Xbox Live, Microsoft can sue and get an injunction to prevent Nintendo from ever having online services ever again in America. This is why Nintendo has to be different. Not to annoy us intentionally -- this is what America's laws dictate.

If you don't like what Nintendo has to offer, lobby to get America's patent laws changed or just use a different platform.


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