Super Mario Odyssey - Luigi's Balloon World DLC plagued with players using out-of-bounds glitches

Man...all it took was a couple days for people to completely ruin the Luigi's Balloon World DLC for Super Mario Odyssey. For those who don't know, the objective of the mode is to either hide balloons for others to find, or run through a level to find balloons. Some particularly evil players have been using out-of-bounds glitches to place balloons in spots that players can't easily access, or can't access at all. It'll be interesting to see what Nintendo does to combat this.

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Fri Feb 23 18 07:36pm
Rating: 12

Hopefully they just get banned from the online mode in general. They don't deserve to have fun with it if they're going to ruin it for anyone else.

I've seen them in Mushroom, Sand, Metro and Cascade so far...

Fri Feb 23 18 07:36pm
Rating: 12

Hopefully they just get banned from the online mode in general. They don't deserve to have fun with it if they're going to ruin it for anyone else.

Sat Feb 24 18 06:50pm
Rating: 1

That would be ideal. Hopefully Nintendo is on this. They definitely have the means to do it, since I believe you need to be connected with your Nintendo Account

Expected. Like always if someone feels able to exploit something, they'll do it. Hopefully it may not be a broad occurrence.

Go figure. I hate those type of players that ALWAYS ruin the fun! Thanks a lot!

It's up to Nintendo to remove the glitches. These muppets wouldn't be able to do this if the glitches didn't exist.

Fri Feb 23 18 09:18pm
Rating: 5

It is not possible to have a glitchless game. Mario Odyssey is a great game, runs great, and with a very low amount of glitches and bugs. Nintendo is renown for delivering clean games, comparing to its competitors who always seem to rush their games

You're right, to a point, out of bounds stuff can also happen when someone forcibly tries to push through a wall, and since not all collisions are done in the same manner, it's quite possible to have someone go through them. I mean haven't we seen several times in adventure games someone clipping through floor? It's still gonna happen.

Dont forget the fact that ironing out all the bugs and glitches on high scale games is almost impossible

It's difficult to understand when they could have done more. Since for example Zelda BotW seems very clean in comparison to other games. Albeit it has a lot less in terms of NPCs or details but still, I'm surprised I didn't see a lot of weird things. Maybe it's an engine thing.

Sat Feb 24 18 12:27pm
Rating: 1

Breath of the Wild is actually pretty damn buggy if you go out of your way to find them. You can literally clip through the floor wherever you like thanks to a parry rush and a well timed use of the bomb rune. You can also use a horse to go through most walls in the game, and find various easy spots to go out of bounds if you know what you're looking for.

However, the key is that because the game doesn't have an online mode which rewards these glitches like Balloon World in Odyssey, most people never encounter them. If it did, then just like with Odyssey we'd see thousands of people complaining about balloons or whatever else being placed out of bounds in areas that aren't easy to get to.

Fri Feb 23 18 10:41pm
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I think Mario Maker has a means to report levels that require glitches to beat; there should be a way to report balloons the same way.

I just downloaded the DLC. Attempted 2 balloons in a row which were out of bounds. Took me ages to figure it out too. Turned it off and won't be playing this mode until I hear news of fixing this issue. Such a cool idea ruined by the community and a bad system which doesn't stop this from happening in the first place.

I noticed this within 10 minutes of playing for the first time. One was inside a building in New Donk.

This is the same exact experience that I had.

Sat Feb 24 18 12:05am
Rating: 2

Well, that was predictable.

And a lack lustre game mode just got even worse....

At those “defending” Nintendo - if the mode is overrun with these glitched balloons then fault is with Nintendo. Yes it’s impossible to create a pure bug-less game at this scale but if it’s apparently so simple to glitch these balloons to impossible locations then that’s more than a few corner cases....that’s poor programming.

Sat Feb 24 18 08:37pm
Rating: 1

I played this game for 80 hours and never found a single glitch. To blame Nintendo is stupid. If this mode is broken in this game then it would be impossible to work in any game because people are useless trolls.

I didn’t encounter any glitches either but I also wasn’t trying to.

Nintendo made the software - who else are you to blame - it is their responsibility to fix this exploits and glitches and areas of poor coding.

Sun Feb 25 18 04:46pm
Rating: 1

My point is that there is no poor coding in a game if you can 100 percent complete it after 80 hours and never find a glitch. People with no life are ruining the experience for everyone else because this would happen in every 3d game ever made.

Without clicking on the platform I knew from the start who is giving this an upvote. Sigh.

Sun Feb 25 18 01:43pm
Rating: 1 (Updated 1 time)

GoNintendo’s resident troll is at it again! Too bad we all can’t work for RMC so we can also be insufferable trolls with no fear of retribution!

I will never understand the point of taking the fun out of games. Especially when so many people are doing it. You aren’t clever or original, and have now ensured that scores of players will never try the mode again! Hooray for a wasted experience!

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