Splatoon 2 - Flowers Vs. Dumplings Splatfest announced for Japan

"Hana yori dango" is an old proverb in Japan which asks if you like practical things or aesthetically pleasing things. That seems to be Nintendo's inspiration for their latest Japanese Splatfest, which kicks off March 3rd, 2018. It's flowers versus dumplings, and you can bet this is a Splatfest we won't see outside of Japan!

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Damn, that's one splatfest I couldn't choose a side. Both are important, we just need a good balance.

I always thought dango was basically candy.

Is that supposed to be the practical thing or the aesthetically-pleasing thing?

It's essentially a rice and tofu dessert, they are indeed sweet, but it's definitely not candy. Quite the healthy sweets, delicious too!

I'd choose practical things(dumplings), you can't survive on aesthetically pleasing things(flowers).

Sat Feb 24 18 06:56am
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Look at what dango really are. Of course you’ll prefer dango.

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